Monday, 30 June 2014

Real Friends Release New Song - I Don't Love You Anymore

Real Friends are streaming a new song from their upcoming album 'Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing'. Listen to I Don't Love You Anymore below: 

Trash Boat - Look Alive - Artwork Feature

Though only officially founded at the start of 2014, pop-punk quintet Trash Boat have already played their first shows and recorded their debut E.P, ‘Look Alive’, which just saw release on 23rd June. Bursting with buoyant guitar licks and the kind of vocal melodies you only need to hear once before they’re imprinted on your temporal lobe, ‘Look Alive’ is a formidable first strike from Trash Boat’s arsenal. Drummer Oakley takes us through the design process for 
their iconic cover… 

“The artwork took quite a bit of time to come together, but I think it turned out for the best as a 
result. The initial design involved just the kneeling character, which was done by Natas Designs who has worked with the likes of Gnarwolves. We basically all loved his work and just gave him creative reign to do what he wanted, inspired purely by giving him our band and EP name. He killed it, for the name 'Look Alive' it just fitted perfectly. However, we felt it needed something else to get away from a boring vanilla background. After a photo shoot with Snooty Fox Images, we got the reference sheet for the background for the EP cover. It fitted really nicely and was what we thought was missing from the original design. I ended up putting everything together, very organically, we couldn't be happier.”

Download Look Alive on Bandcamp here.

You can also check out our review of Look Alive here.

Above the Underground Call It Quits

Above the Underground are breaking up after being a band for 3 years. The band posted this message on their Facebook page: 

After tens of thousands of miles, hundreds of shows, two vans, five members and eleven countries, Above The Underground are no more. It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to announce that we will no longer be playing music as a band.
We want to thank absolutely everyone that has been involved from our humble beginnings playing local shows in the woods to the incredible heights we never thought we’d reach. We’re extremely grateful to say that we started out with the intention of playing music with our best friends and we did just that; Now we’re bowing out - a little older, a little wiser, and closer than brothers. Above The Underground have always been a family, and that family will always live on.
Everything we ever did we did with our fullest enthusiasm, our fullest passion, our fullest pride. Now we’re a little older and slightly battle worn from the experiences that come with touring around the world, and we have decided to leave with our heads held high and our integrity intact. We gave this everything we had and we’re so proud of what this band became and of our incredible fans. We have no regrets and wouldn’t change a moment. It has all been incredible, and we will all remain the closest of friends.
Thank you for making these the best years of our lives. We love you all.
Brandon, Nick, Will, Al, and Joey.
We wish them all the best for their futures. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Seaway Release New Video

Seaway have released a new video for 'No Direction' from their album Hoser

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Are the Swellers Breaking Up?

Unfortunately the answer would seem to be yes. Yesterday the band posted this on their facebook:
(Please say this is a joke?)

Me vs. Hero Tour Dates and Album Info

Rocksound recently published an online article detailing Me vs. Hero's new album as well as tour dates and a new song. They revealed that MvH's new album will be released September 2nd and that they will be touring in the same month. Check out the tracklist for I'm Completely Fine below: 

I'm Completely Fine
Skin And Bones
Rush For Gold
Home Alone
Marks Of A Slave
Truth (Interlude)
Hang In
Things We Know
Past Five Years

Rocksound are also streaming one of the songs from the album Skin and Bones. Listen to it here

In the article MvH also revealed why they chose to name the album 'I'm Completely Fine'. Frontman Sam Thompson stated: This album nearly ended Me Vs Hero numerous times.What started out as a joke two years ago paraphrasing Alan Partridge’s immortal line - 'yeah I'm completely fine' - actually became too literal for us. We put faith in people that couldn't deliver the end product that we knew this record needed, it cost us financially and set us back exponentially. In the end we recorded it ourselves, from vocals in a council estate high rise, to guitars in a rubbish filled garage. It wasn't a pretty sight, it certainly wasn't comfortable and it was hugely hit and miss. Thankfully Romesh Dodangoda of Longwave Studios and Chris Gehringher of Sterling Sound rekindled our passion, delivering a fantastic mix and a flawless master.”

Also check out the tour dates below:
18 - BRISTOL Exchange
19 - MANCHESTER Sound Control
20 - LEEDS Cockpit
21 - NEWCASTLE Academy II
22 - NOTTINGHAM Red Rooms
23 - LONDON Islington Academy
24 - BIRMINGHAM Academy II

Knuckle Puck Release New Video

Knuckle Puck have released a new video for 'No Good' Check it out below:

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Wonder Years Stream Previously Unreleased Version of 'The Living Room Song'

Alternative Press are streaming a previously unreleased, full band version of The Wonder Years track 'The Living Room Song' originally from their album Suburbia, I've Given you All and Now I'm Nothing.The track comes from A Comp for Mom, which is being released in honour of No Sleep Records Chairman Chris Hansen's recently deceased mother. The Comp will be available August 5th. Listen to it here.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Trash Boat - Look Alive Review

Trash Boat have only officially been a band since the beginning of 2014 but from listening to Look Alive, you would never have guessed it. As Trash Boat's first musical endeavor, the EP shows no hint of weakness and is an impressive mixture of memorable melodies, youthful affirmations and an abundance of energy; the perfect musical accessory for summer. 
Cluttered Sign is an absorbing opener to the EP. The opening riff is a gentle start but the pace soon picks up and it turns into a compelling track about past experiences affecting us in the present moment.
The second track Boneless is an impressive profusion of youthful energy with a striking chorus. The track talks about past experiences, specifically illness, and how it can make us who we are today (for more information behind the meaning behind the songs click here).
Gnarmalade is the most aggressive song on the EP, with a fast paced beat and raw vocals. The song could easily be a an extra track from Set Your Goal's This will be the Death of Us or Sum 41's Chuck
The last track Lock In shows no fault throughout, from the verse to the chorus the song is monumental in every way. The song starts as a melodic outset and becomes an expeditious incursion of energy that provides an infallible close to the album. 
Overall, Trash Boat's EP is an impressive first release, especially as they have officially been a band since the start of the year. If you're a fan of Major League or ROAM this EP is definitely for you. Make sure you pick up a copy on June 23rd or download Boneless for free on Trash Boat's bandcamp.  

Homebound Coming of Age Review

Homebound have spent a year writing the songs which make up their debut EP 'Coming of Age'. The EP consists of songs penned about regret, learning from past experience and just growing up in general. The outcome has resulted in an excellent EP that is an impressive first release from the band.
Valor is a striking start to 'Coming of Age'. Although it's only a minute and a half long, it delivers a bold kick off for the EP. The second track,Turning Point, is an fun and upbeat track with an infectious verse and chorus. The drum beat alone is enough to get you on your feet and sing along.
High Ground is a dynamic mix of energy and vehement vocals. Throughout the whole EP the vocals are strong and vigorous, allowing the listener to really grasp the message of the song and nowhere is this more true than in High Ground, a song about learning from past experience and conflicting interests. 
The fourth track, Clutching Straws, is a return to an old school style. The band admit that the riff after the chorus pays homage to Blink 182 and it definitely suites them. The song is vivacious and buoyant, resulting in an upbeat track about not giving up on something you're passionate about. 
Again, Second Best and No Regret displays ardent vocals, prominent guitar and lively drums. The band state that this is the song they are most proud of and they definitely should be as you'll be singing the lyrics all day. 
Coming of Age, the title track, displays a catchy riff that leaves the song engraved on your memory. The song changes pace throughout and has an impressive build up before the chorus comes storming in. The track conveys a message that most of us can relate to; not knowing where to go in life, living up to expectations and choosing your own path. 
Overall Homebound's concoction of heartfelt lyrics, catchy riffs and dynamic drums makes for a brilliant first release. It's clear the band have put a lot of thought and effort into 'Coming of Age' and if you're a fan of ROAM or Handguns you should definitely pick this up on July 21st.   
Check out the meaning behind Homebound's songs here.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Story So Far Stream Acoustic EP

The Story So Far are streaming their new acoustic EP over on Kerrang! The EP 'Songs Of' is officially released June 17th but you can listen to it in its entirety here.

Real Friends Stream New Song

Real Friends are streaming a new song from their upcoming album 'Maybe This Place is the Same and We're Just Changing' which will be released July 22nd. Listen to Sixteen below:

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Candy Hearts Stream New Album

Candy Heart's new album is streaming over on Alternative Press. All the Ways You Let Me Down is officially released June 10th but you can listen to the album early here

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Four Year Strong Release New Song

Four Year Strong have released a new song, Tread Lightly, from their upcoming EP Go Down in History. Listen below:

Stanley and the Search - Weightless Review

Los Angeles natives Stanley and the Search are releasing their new album, Weightless, via Take This To Heart Records, on July 15th. The new release is a remastered version of their EP, Weight, with three brand new songs. This is their first release since their self titled album in 2012. Since then, the band have had a line up change and released their EP Weight in-between. 
The opening track Anatomy (listen here) is a heavy power anthem, markedly different from the opening track of their self titled, Clear Skies, and definitely not in a bad way. 
Second track Calendar is one of the stand out tracks of the album, the melodic vocals contrast exceptionally with the heavy riff and pronounced bass. The album then moves on to Dust you off which is a euphonic track that incorporates melodic guitar and vocals. The track is the only time the album slows down and is a charming break in the middle of a compilation of heavyweight songs. Singer, Dominic's vocals change throughout, moving from melodic to aggressive, the kind that gives you the chills.  The next track Leave it returns the album to its heavy standpoint  and is packed with feeling and hot-blooded lyrics. Pinebox is a track in which singer Dominic's aggressive vocals compliment the song, similarly to Dust you off. Punch the clock is a fast paced track, with a killer chorus and possibly the track most reminiscent of their self titled release. Along with Calendar, this is definitely another standout track and if you were to pick any track from the album to listen to, it should undoubtedly be this one.The closing track Sinking Feeling is a powerful close to the album with an assortment of dynamics and sentiment.
Overall, Weightless is a stand out, impressive and well written album. Although very different from their 2012 release, this in way shape or form is a bad thing. The band state in their bio that fans of Citizen, Polar Bear Club and Make Do and Mend will like their music and the album definitely supports this claim; if you're a fan of heavy, aggressive music that has the potential to become melodic and catchy at any moment, this album is definitely for you. Make sure you pick up your copy on July 15th or get your pre-order here.

Homebound - Coming of Age - Track by Track Guide

South East pop-punk quintet Homebound have spent a year behind closed doors, writing, 
writing and writing some more, until they were ready to share their infectious fruits with the 
world. The result is their 6-track debut EP ‘Coming Of Age’, complete with hook laden vocal lines aren’t without substance and context: “The lyrics deal with that time in life when you start having to make decisions regarding your ‘future’” states vocalist Charlie. Here he delves further into the thought processes and meanings behind the tracks of ‘Coming Of Age’… 

Valour: After what was originally a full four minute song, we condensed it down to be the perfect intro track for our EP. It reveals feelings of regret and self-pity at a time I didn’t feel I had much to shout about. I knew it was the start of a long year and that I wasn’t gonna get through it like this. Sometimes you have to keep a level head and believe that things will turn out for the best. 

Turning Point: It was also the first song we recorded up at Emeline Studios with Ian. We had only really played this song as a full band 3 or 4 times before going to record so we were surprised with how good the outcome was! Lyrically, it is quite aggressive. It’s a build-up of feelings over time that at some point were going to boil over. Sometimes you have to take a step back and see that things aren’t gonna work if they keep going the way they are. Some people might find comfort in this song about a girlfriend or a boyfriend but that is not what I wrote it about! 

High Ground: High Ground was the first song idea conceived for this EP and has undergone many changes. If you listened to the early demos of this song you would be surprised with how different the final outcome is. We all look to learn from previous experiences and use these to help make better choices in the future. This song shows my sporadic thought process. The up and down feelings you have, the overthinking of situations and the conflicting interests. 

Clutching Straws: We wanted to write a simple verse chorus structured song. It’s one of the more ‘old school’ sounding songs on the EP. The riff played after the chorus is reminiscent of Blink 182 as a form of homage; a way to show our appreciation for their music. It’s about not giving up on something you feel passionately about however improbable it seems. There will always be setbacks and people will tell you to think otherwise but sometimes you’ve got to be gutsy and do what’s right for you. We wanted an upbeat and positive song on the EP and I think lyrically and instrumentally, that’s demonstrated in this song. 

Second Best & No Regrets: As a band this is definitely the song that we are most proud of. It’s another song that went through a multitude of changes. Vocal parts were completely rewritten and the drum parts dramatically changed. It took a while for us to get a solid version of this song down for the studio but on the day it came out better than we could ever have expected. We all have different things going on in our lives, some more important than others. You may have to make sacrifices for what means more to you and that’s what this song is about. I found myself in this position and took a matter of fact view on it. 

Coming of Age: This song was a very late addition to the EP. We started improvising together at a practice and realised what we were playing was worth something. We managed to completely write the song only a few weeks before we hit the studio and it turned out to be one of our favourites. With this being the EP track title, you can already guess it has the most relevance to the EP and its meaning. I think like most people my age, I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't even know where to start looking with the all the endless possibilities. I think the freedom of it all scared me the most. So this song explains how I came to terms with it all. 

Coming of Age if released July 21st 2014
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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Handguns Release New Song

Handguns have released another song from their upcoming album Life Lessons. Guitarist, Brandon Pagano, had this to say to Rocksound about the new song 'Queens': 
"Queens' is a song about growing up around people who don't have the same mindset as you. I grew up in New York City until I was thirteen then my family relocated to suburban upstate New York. I struggled growing up there because all of my friends had this timid outlook on life. Many of them were afraid to take risks and stand up for themselves. My parents raised me to fight for everything that I considered worth fighting for."

Life Lessons comes out July 7th

Trash Boat - Look Alive - Track by Track Guide

Though only officially founded at the start of 2014, pop-punk quintet Trash Boat have already played their first shows and recorded their debut E.P, ‘Look Alive’, which is set for release 23rd June. Bursting with buoyant guitar licks and the kind of vocal melodies you only need to hear once before they’re imprinted on your temporal lobe, ‘Look Alive’ is a formidable first strike from Trash Boat’s arsenal. Here vocalist Tobi gives us some insight into the creation of the EP… 

'Most of the writing for the EP tracks took place in Oak’s room, we’d play around with riffs, record them on his computer and generally spend hours doing trial and error to see what sounded good. When we all went home or to work we would still be sending each other ideas we recorded on our phones and ideas for the vocals. 

Every song was pretty slow to begin with, trying stuff out, binning it, repeat etc, refining it each step of the way. But once we had an idea we thought was solid for each song, it was really fun to build on and stuff started to flow. We spent a good few months ironing out creases and changing bits here and there, but once we were happy we booked our time at the Ranch House Studio and went down there to stay for the week. We smashed it out, had a cool time and we’re really pleased with how it has turned out. 

Cluttered and Boneless are very similar, they use the same base when it comes to theme I just went in two different directions with it. ‘Boneless’ is very blunt and honest, it’s an insight into the previous few years of my life in which I had faced some drastic lifestyle changes due to a lot of knee surgery, stuff got pretty bleak pretty fast. I met the guys in Trash Boat right about the time I started to get my shit together and it was really fun to write about it all. The lyrics to boneless are pretty bleak but I’m not in a bad place, that’s the point of the song, I’ve grown from that and can now look back and appreciate that those experiences are why I am who I am today. 

Cluttered uses similar elements, but it’s less macroscopic than Boneless, Boneless looks back at those experiences over the entire period, Cluttered is how they were effecting me in the present moment and influencing my song writing. Gnarmalade is my favourite track ‘cos it’s got the most energy. The lyrics came from a part of me that changed during the recovery periods; I was bedridden for a period and started boning up on social issues, activisms and the like. Everyone always has a really detailed opinion on stuff like that so I won’t go really deep into it, but it was great to be able to put that time to positive use. Gnarmalade (lyrically and musically) is the first of many similar Trash Boat tunes. 

Lock in is written about an old friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages, he called me up one night and asked me for a lift to a mates house which I thought was weird but he seemed in a bit of a state so I said yes. Unfortunately life wasn’t going great for him and his family and friends weren’t doing him a lot of good. It made me think about how lucky I am to have such a cool group of friends and supportive family around me, most likely the main reason I’m doing so well today and able to reflect on things with a clear and happy head. 

Playing this EP live is what it’s all about, and I can’t think of anything more fun, we get a really good crowd participation thing going, with Boneless especially. I can’t wait to take it on tour and play to as many people as possible.'

Listen to Boneless: 

Trash Boat ‘Look Alive’ released 23rd June 
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Monday, 2 June 2014

Me Vs. Hero Release Video for 'Things We Know'

Me vs. Hero have premiered their new video over on Kerrang! from their upcoming album I'm Completely Fine. They also shot and directed the video themselves.The band had this to say to Kerrang!This is the second song we wanted to show everyone from the new album. It’s probably the heaviest song on the album; this is Me Vs Hero showing that we haven’t completely forgotten and thrown away our easycore roots. Things We Know is all about the things you’re sure will happen as you grow older, the things you will definitely do, the career you’re set upon having no matter what, except all these things we think we know will happen usually don’t pan out the way we think they will, so it turns you never know the way your life will end up after all.”