Monday, 30 June 2014

Trash Boat - Look Alive - Artwork Feature

Though only officially founded at the start of 2014, pop-punk quintet Trash Boat have already played their first shows and recorded their debut E.P, ‘Look Alive’, which just saw release on 23rd June. Bursting with buoyant guitar licks and the kind of vocal melodies you only need to hear once before they’re imprinted on your temporal lobe, ‘Look Alive’ is a formidable first strike from Trash Boat’s arsenal. Drummer Oakley takes us through the design process for 
their iconic cover… 

“The artwork took quite a bit of time to come together, but I think it turned out for the best as a 
result. The initial design involved just the kneeling character, which was done by Natas Designs who has worked with the likes of Gnarwolves. We basically all loved his work and just gave him creative reign to do what he wanted, inspired purely by giving him our band and EP name. He killed it, for the name 'Look Alive' it just fitted perfectly. However, we felt it needed something else to get away from a boring vanilla background. After a photo shoot with Snooty Fox Images, we got the reference sheet for the background for the EP cover. It fitted really nicely and was what we thought was missing from the original design. I ended up putting everything together, very organically, we couldn't be happier.”

Download Look Alive on Bandcamp here.

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