Friday, 19 September 2014

Parker Cannon Unleashes Hardcore Project

A few days ago Parker Cannon announced that he was starting a hardcore-based project titled Snarl. (Click here to find out more). Well, Snarl's demo is officially on bandcamp and it is is pretty awesome.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Forever Came Calling Release New Song

Forever Came Calling have released a new song titled Transient (I Don't Miss). The song is taken from their upcoming album What Matters Most which is out October 20th. Pre-order here.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Transit Release New Song From Upcoming Album

Transit have released a new song/video from their upcoming album Joyride which is out October 14th. Watch Rest To Get Better below:

Parker Cannon Starts Hardcore Project Snarl

Parker Cannon has announced that he is starting a hardcore-based project called Snarl. Snarl's demo will be available to download on bandcamp for free this weekend. Parker released this statement about his upcoming project:

"I finally had enough time at home to write/earned enough money from touring to record my demo. Its almost done, I'll be droppin it on bandcamp this weekend for free. Some cool merch will be available online as well. A huge thank you to my brotha @carlitosxguey for the artwork, if you need designs done, hit him up. Stay tuned! SNARL HC 2014"

Parker also posted this to instagram:

Up and Coming Pop Punk Bands | We Were Lions

Today for our up and coming UK pop punk bands we'd like to introduce to you We Were Lions. The band, who hail from Essex, have recently released a new EP entitled Horizons which you can listen to below. Taking influence from A Day to Remember, 36 Crazyfists and Brand New, Horizons combines big choruses and powerful hooks. We Were Lions answered some questions for us about how they formed, how they came up with their band name and told us all we need to know about the new EP...

Lloyd (Vocals): Essex, land of fake tans and low cut men’s shirts.
James (Guitar): We own a fair number of those t-shirts though.  We have the market cornered really.  That’s our schtick – He-vage! Every band needs a USP and that’s ours!

Dan (Drums): About 4 years ago Lloyd started the band with Dean (our old guitarist), and they found myself and Marc on a site called “joinmyband”. After a year Phil came on-board to replace the original bass player.  All was going well for 2 years and we released our first EP ‘Rebirth’. Unfortunately Dean and Marc (Guitars), had to leave and we picked James and Rob after a number of auditions. Since then we've gone from strength to strength. 

Dan: We all came up with a name each and voted. Unfortunately the voting process lasted quite a few weeks due to some small differences in opinions! But then we all decided We Were Lions was best and that was that. 
Rob: I believe Lloyd has an interesting story for this.
Lloyd: Nicked it from a Charlie Simpson EP.
James: Short and sweet story…

James: Our long-term plan is to be as successful as we can be, but short term we are trying to build a local and nation fan-base so we can plan a UK tour for our next release.  We already have some awesome fans on twitter and enjoy interacting with the people who listen to our music.
Dan: Our main aim is to build up a big fan-base. We all love jamming in the studio but there's nothing better than playing live gigs and getting a great response from the audience. 
Rob (Guitar): I want to be creative with music, perform it to millions, tour the planet, global domination and own more guitars than my mansion can hold. 

James: A Day To Remember, Architects and Tom Waits.
Lloyd: A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong….aaand Taylor Swift
James: Lloyd and Taylor sitting in a tree…
Dan: Tool, Arch Enemy and 36 Crazy Fists 
Rob: As an individual guitarist I have too many influences to narrow down to just three. Names like Mark Tremonti, Anthony Armstrong and Syn Gates come to mind, although since joining this band I have discovered the Pop Punk genre, so bands such as A Day To Remember, Sum 41, Amity Affliction among others have influenced me when writing for WWL.

James: I was really excited about this EP.  I have never been in a band before that’s got to that stage.  I trained as a sound engineer so I am familiar with being in a studio but it was exciting to track the parts we had all written and be there for the process.  We recorded at ARU as Phil was studying there at the time so the whole EP was recorded and produced by Phil and myself.  I am very proud of it!
Lloyd: Four vastly different tracks to show off each element of WWL. If you haven’t listened to us before, its a great intro into what we do.
Rob: I really have nothing to compare this with as I wasn't a part of the 'Rebirth' EP. ‘Horizons’ is, in my opinion, merely a warm up for our release. The tracks are great, but the songs we have written for the next release have surpassed every song from Horizons in terms of quality and song-writing. With ‘Horizons’ I think you can tell that we were a 'new' line up, but with the new material we have, it sounds so much bolder and I think we've definitely found our 'sound'. 

Dan: All 4 songs have elements that I love to hear, as well as play, so that's a tricky one! I do like a good guitar solo.  I'm Not Angry has an epic solo so if I have to pick it's that one, but the others aren't far behind!
Lloyd: “Health” is incredibly personal to me, and is the last track written. Going forward you’ll hear a lot more of that honesty in the lyrics.
James: “Guadalajara” is mine.  It has everything I love in a song; riffs, lots of changes and energy.

James: Common Courtesy by ADTR and I really like Dogs Eating Dogs by Blink 182
Lloyd: The Story So Far - What You Don’t See and Four Year Strong - Enemy Of The World
Dan: I love a lot of pop punk songs and it’s a fun genre to play, but I'm more of a rock/metal fan.
Rob:  Rebel Revive by Jamie's Elsewhere

Listen to Horizons below:

We Were Lion's Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Neck Deep To Play Taco Bell Opening In Sheffield

Neck Deep are playing an acoustic set at Taco Bell's opening party in Sheffield on September 25th. However, the only way to catch this magical moment is to enter Taco Bell's Competition which is something of a 'game of firsts'. Basically, you have to take a picture of something you've never done before and bonus points will be awarded if it includes the Taco Bell logo or their products. Like this guy who shaved the Taco Bell label in his hair:

If you want to enter The Game of Firsts take a picture and use the hash tag #TacoBellSheffield. Competition Ends Friday and good luck to anyone that enters! read the terms and conditions here

Trophy Eyes Release Song From New Album

Trophy Eyes have released a new song from their upcoming album Mend, Move On. The new album will be released November 4th via Hopeless Records and anyone who pre-orders will get an instant download of the new song which is titled 'In Return'.

Trophy Eyes are also on tour with Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck and Seaway next January. Check out the dates here