Friday, 13 June 2014

Homebound Coming of Age Review

Homebound have spent a year writing the songs which make up their debut EP 'Coming of Age'. The EP consists of songs penned about regret, learning from past experience and just growing up in general. The outcome has resulted in an excellent EP that is an impressive first release from the band.
Valor is a striking start to 'Coming of Age'. Although it's only a minute and a half long, it delivers a bold kick off for the EP. The second track,Turning Point, is an fun and upbeat track with an infectious verse and chorus. The drum beat alone is enough to get you on your feet and sing along.
High Ground is a dynamic mix of energy and vehement vocals. Throughout the whole EP the vocals are strong and vigorous, allowing the listener to really grasp the message of the song and nowhere is this more true than in High Ground, a song about learning from past experience and conflicting interests. 
The fourth track, Clutching Straws, is a return to an old school style. The band admit that the riff after the chorus pays homage to Blink 182 and it definitely suites them. The song is vivacious and buoyant, resulting in an upbeat track about not giving up on something you're passionate about. 
Again, Second Best and No Regret displays ardent vocals, prominent guitar and lively drums. The band state that this is the song they are most proud of and they definitely should be as you'll be singing the lyrics all day. 
Coming of Age, the title track, displays a catchy riff that leaves the song engraved on your memory. The song changes pace throughout and has an impressive build up before the chorus comes storming in. The track conveys a message that most of us can relate to; not knowing where to go in life, living up to expectations and choosing your own path. 
Overall Homebound's concoction of heartfelt lyrics, catchy riffs and dynamic drums makes for a brilliant first release. It's clear the band have put a lot of thought and effort into 'Coming of Age' and if you're a fan of ROAM or Handguns you should definitely pick this up on July 21st.   
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