Saturday, 28 February 2015

Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals Talks About Possible Future Shows

Vocalist for Set Your Goals, Matt Wilson, has recently done an extremely revealing interview, setting the record straight with many issues that have not previously been discussed. Lambgoat conducted the interview in which Wilson talked about their former label Eulogy not paying them, their third album Burning at Both Ends  and the possibility of future shows in 2016. Check it out here

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Up & Coming Pop Punk Bands | Before The Streetlights & The Weekend Classic

This week for our up and coming post, we have two bands from the US: The Weekend Classic and Before the Streetlights. The bands have recently released a split together titled 'The Indiana Split'. The split was produced by Mike Hart and mastered by Tyler Smyth of Dangerkids (Rise Records). The split is filled with cheery, catchy pop punk and is definitely something you should check out if you're a fan of Hit the Lights, Forever the Sickest Kids or Mayday Parade. We thought we'd ask both bands a few questions about the new split, their favourite pop punk albums and get to know them a bit better...

The Weekend Classic:

Madison, Indiana
We wanted something fun and that represented us. At the time we were all still in school just waiting to party on the weekend, now we work all week and spend the weekend playing shows. For us the weekend means being able to forget your problems and just be able to have fun.

Fresh and energetic but still beefy punk rock. We try to blend raw instrumentals with catchy lyrics. A lot of people compare our music to Brand New or Hit The Lights.


We played a show with BTSL last fall and thought they played a super tight set. We started talking after the show about working together on tours and releasing music together. We're happy with the outcome and are excited for fans to hear the new release. 

We think us and The Wonder Years could put on a hell of a show.


(In order)
1. Take This To Your Grave - Fall Out Boy
2. The Greatest Generation - The Wonder Years
3. What You Don't See - The Story So Far
4. Wishful Thinking - Neck Deep
5. Everything, All At Once - Sleep On It

We are from Louisville, Kentucky. Josh Courtney and Tyler Courtney attend Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and Tyler Pritchett and Zach Schindler go to school in the Louisville area. 


We are a product of many different bands and projects that sort of fell into place as ‘Before the Streetlights’. After a few failed bands and lineups Josh and Tyler asked Tyler Pritchett to join the band. Josh, Tyler, and Tyler had all been in a band together when they were around 10 years old and Tyler Pritchett was the bassist in a band with Before the Streetlights previous drummer. Tyler Pritchett joined the band and after about a year our drummer left. At that point we went searching for a new drummer. Josh got ahold of a friend of a friend who ultimately pointed him towards Zach. Once we added Zach to the band everything started to come together naturally. 

Our sound is a mix of everything each member enjoys listening too. We sound a lot like ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ All Time Low and ‘Underdog Alma Mater’ Forever the Sickest Kids combined. We try to make the instrumentation as interesting as we can while still saying what we want to say with our lyrics and melodies.

We met one time through a mutual band and played a “show” with them. We say “show” because it wasn’t really a show as much as it was a shady dilapidated cabin out in the middle of nowhere with maybe 10 kids crammed into it. We were the same style and from around the same area so it sort of just fell together. Josh had brought up doing a 5 song per band split at one point but that kind of got pushed to the side. We were under the same management so it made sense to do something of the sort we just needed to figure out exactly what we should do. After some conversation we decided to share features on a song and then have an acoustic song each making the Split be comprised of two songs per band. We love performing with those dudes so it was a lot of fun working with them on this split. We are also doing a weekend run around Indiana with them to support its release which we are very excited for.

Each has a different aspect that we love. Writing gives us the chance to try new things and make mistakes and learn about our sound. Playing live shows allows us to let loose and feed off the energy of the crowd and the songs we are performing. We always feel as though the energy of the song doesn’t quite come all the way out until it is being performed, at that point you can really recognize the song for what it is. 

Blink 182 – Enema of the State
You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours
New Found Glory – Sticks and Stones
All Time Low – So Wrong, It’s Right
Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

The Indiana Split is out now! Check it out below:

Milestones | Equal Measures Review

Manchester pop punk/ alt. rock band Milestones are set to released their debut EP, ‘Equal Measures’, on the 6th of April. If you're a fan of upbeat, melodic alt. rock/ pop punk such as You Me At Six, Moose Blood etc., Equal Measures is definitely something you should be checking out this spring. Vocalist Matt Clarke had this to say about the new release: “One of our main aims in creating these songs was to make people turn away and think, “Okay, these guys are good, but I have no idea what their next release is going to be like. Whilst it’s obvious we’ve taken some massive influences from bands like Neck Deep and You Me At Six, but I don’t think we isolate our sound like a lot of the new pop-punk bands around at the moment might. We feel we’ve left so much room for growth in our sound. It’s not as easy to do that, but I hope people appreciate the diversity our record has, whilst still offering up the catchy hooks and melodic leads that pop punk and alternative rock are renowned for.” He definitely has a point, with each song meticulously crafted to find the right balance between upbeat pop punk melodies and alt. rock sentiment. 

The EP starts off with 'More To Me', which Milestones have already released a video for (watch it below). The song is the most upbeat from the EP with the pop punk influences transgressing through. However, varying styles and dynamics can be heard throughout with all the different parts weaving together to create a brilliant opening track. Next up comes the title track, 'Equal Measures', which begins as soft and haunting but builds up to a colossal effort filled with a heavy riff and atmospheric vocals.  

'Nothing Left', like 'Equal Measures', starts off slow and builds up. The chorus is one of the most powerful on the EP and is backed up by a selection of ardent and emotive guitar and drum parts. The acoustic section three-quarters of the way through is a nice touch and adds a divergent level within the song. 

'Counterweight' is the only acoustic song from the EP and Milestones have done a great job of it. It's simple yet effective with vocalist Matt Clarke's voice resonating across different notes in his range. The vocals plus the acceding guitar will undoubtedly make it a fan favourite. The closing track, 'Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed', is the heaviest song on the EP, with authoritative riffs and energetic lyrics. It sounds vigorous and fervent as the EP comes to a close and shows what a great statement Milestones have made with their debut EP.    

Overall, the Equal Measures is an awesome first effort from Milestones. They've really defined their style with this first release displaying their potential and talent across the whole of the EP. We can't wait to hear more releases from them in the future.  

Milestones' | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Bandcamp

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Real Friends To Release New Acoustic EP

Real Friends are releasing a new acoustic EP titled 'More Acoustic Songs' on the 28th of April. The EP will include four new acoustic songs. An exclusive limited edition picture disc vinyl will also be available for Record Store Day on April 18th.

Stream These Minds' New EP

Punktastic are streaming Leeds based band, These Minds' new EP 'Figure Out'. The new EP isn't out until March 1st but you can play it in its entirety here. If you're a fan of ROAM, Forever Came Calling or Handguns make sure you check these guys out. These Minds have also released a video for the title track which you can watch below: 

These Minds Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Youtube 

Seasons Change Release New Lyric Video

Substream Magazine are streaming Seasons Change's new lyric video for their song 'Hope This Stains'. The song comes from their upcoming album 'Please Don't Leave' which comes out April 7th via No Sleep Records. 

'Please Don't Leave' will be Seasons Change's debut release and was produced by Sam Pura. Speaking to Substream, vocalist Anthony Robles had this to say about the new lyric video: 

“Musically, ‘Hope This Stains’ is one of our favorite songs to play as a band.It was the first time that Josh (Orellana) and I were able to collaborate on a Seasons Change song together to make something completely different from previous songs and in a whole new direction. The aggressive and melodic backing track is perfect for the story I was trying to tell about wanting someone to see me, to understand how I was feeling. People would joke to me about writing a song about loving your friends because we’re a pop-punk band, but I’ve always hated that. When you have best friends that are a major part of your life for years, it’s hard not to bump heads or have problems, and this song is about letting the people I care about know that no matter what I’ve said or done, I need them in my life.”

More Bands Announced For Slam Dunk

More bands have been announced for Slam Dunk 2015 including Zebrahead, Transit, Such Gold, Patent Pending, Bayside, A Loss For Words and more. Get your tickets here.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Reading and Leeds Announce More Acts

Reading and Leeds have announced 73 more acts. Bands include New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Neck Deep, All Time Low, The Menzingers, American Football and more. Get your tickets here

State Champs Release Video of Writing and Recording Process

State Champs drummer, Evan Ambrosio, has uploaded a video to his youtube channel which shows footage of State Champs in the writing and recording process for their upcoming album. He posted the video with this message: 

'Just wanted to make a video showing everyone what we've been up to the first part of the year. We've recently started writing and recording for our second album on Pure Noise Records. This video shows everything we've done up until drum tracking. I'll be posting more videos throughout the recording process.'

Check out the video below:

The Movielife Add Extra UK Date

The Movielife have added an extra UK date to their tour in June. The date has been added due to overwhelming demand. The extra date will take place at the Birmingham O2 academy 2 on Friday the 18th of June, with tickets going on sale Wednesday the 25th of Feb. 

The band have also announced that their album 'It's Go Time' is being remastered and will be available to purchase on vinyl for the first time ever via Fadeaway Records. It will come with deluxe gatefold packaging and will be available in 3 variants with 250 pressings each. All of the proceeds from the reissue will go to charity. Get your copy here

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fireworks Announce UK Tour Dates

Fireworks have announced some UK tour dates around their slot at Slam Dunk. No support has been announced as of yet. Check out the dates below:

As It Is Announce Co-Headline Tour With This Wild Life

As It Is have announced a UK co-headline tour with This Wild Life. Seaway and Boston Manor will also be supporting. The dates also conveniently end a day before Slam Dunk weekend, coincidence? We think not... 

Real Friends Release Documentary

Real Friends have released a documentary titled 'Moving Forward' about 'growth, change and moving forward'. Watch it below:

Thursday, 19 February 2015

State Champs Release Video For 'If I'm Lucky'

Alternative Press have released State Champs' new video for 'If I'm Lucky'. The song comes from their recent EP 'The Acoustic Things'. Check it out below:

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Senses Fail 'Real Talk' Cover

Earlier today, Rock Sound released Senses Fail's version of Man Overboard's song 'Real Talk'. The song comes from Man Overboard and Senses Fail's upcoming split in which they do a cover of one of each other's songs and also release one new song of their own. The split will be released on March 2nd via Pure Noise Records. Check out Real Talk below:

Me Vs Hero Call It Quits

Me Vs Hero have decided to call it a day after seven years of being a band. They will be playing two final shows in Manchester and London in April. We wish the guys all the best for the future. 

The band had this to say about them calling it a day:
'All good things must come to an end, like this blunt burning my finger tips' Lil Wayne
It's sad but true, after 7 years in Me Vs Hero we've reached a point in our hectic lives where we just don't have the time or the drive to put enough in the band. 
Don't be disappointed / angry / upset with this news, we're not !! We played some amazing shows, travelled to some amazing places, met some amazing people and now its just our time.

We thank every individual who supported us and listened to our music; all the agents, promoters, photographers, engineers, producers, videographers, musicians we encountered and worked / played with and especially our friends and families.
We'll be playing two big farewell shows, playing songs from every record we have. For those of you who can, grab tickets now from the links below and join us one last time.'

Manchester Tickets
London Tickets

Trash Boat Announce UK Tour With Weatherstate

Trash Boat are heading out across the UK next month with Weatherstate. Trash Boat are busy touring this year with them just finishing a European Tour with Trash Boat and As It Is. They'll also be heading out across the UK with Real Friends before their own run commences with Weatherstate. Check out the dates below:

Milestones Release New Video

Milestones have just released a new video for their song 'Nothing Left'. The band, who hail from the north west of the UK, are due to release their debut EP 'Equal Measures' on the 6th of April. The band have already released their first single from the EP, 'More to Me' (which you can check out here), but are now showcasing more of their talent with new release 'Nothing Left'.

Milestones' Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Friday, 13 February 2015

Pinky Swear Announce Festival Line-up

Pinky Swear Records have announced the first ten bands that will be appearing at their festival in May. The line-up will include Man Overboard, Moose Blood, ROAM, Light you Up, Boston Manor, Trash Boat, Landmarks, Smile and Burn, Kamikaze Girls and These Minds. Tickets will be £12 for the rest of this month and then rise to £15 on the 13th of March. Bargain. Get your tickets here

Moose Blood Added To Man Overboard's UK Shows

Moose Blood, as well as Smile and Burn, have been added to Man Overboard's UK shows. They will replace Hostage Calm who were originally intended to be a support act on the tour before they called it quits. Check out the dates below:

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Fury Fest Announcement

Fury Fest have just announced that this year's line-up will include Motion City Soundtrack playing 'Commit This To Memory' in full. The line-up will also include Man Overboard, Trash Talk, Astroid Boys, Moose Blood, ROAM, Trashboat, Blood Youth, Waster, Boston Manor, Bearing Loss, Please Head North and Milestones with more to be announced. The festival will take place over two days on the 2nd and 3rd of May. Tickets go on sale February 13th. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

State Champs To Release Video For 'If I'm Lucky'

State Champs are releasing a new video for 'If I'm Lucky', a song which comes from their recent acoustic EP 'The Acoustic Things'. The video will be out next Thursday (Feb 19th). 

Light Years Release New Video

Light Years have released a new music video for their song 'My Whole Life'. The song comes from their EP Temporary. Check it out below: 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Hit The Lights Release New Documentary Series

Hit The Lights are releasing a new documentary style series every Monday for the next few weeks on AbsolutePunk. The videos, titled The Skeleton Series, were created by Kyle Thrash and will take a look at the inner workings of the band and will also show the negative aspects. The series will also take a look at the road Hit the Lights took to create their new album Summer Bones which is out March 24th. Check out chapter one below:

Friday, 6 February 2015

Man Overboard Release New Song

Man Overboard have released a new song titled 'One Fixed Point'. The song comes from their upcoming split with Senses Fail. The split will be released on March 3rd and will also include Man Overboard's own version of Senses Fail's song 'Cute When You Scream'. Check out 'One Fixed Point' below:

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Real Friends Documentary Trailer

Real Friends are releasing a new documentary titled 'Moving Forward' on the 19th of Feb. Check out the trailer here: 

Such Gold & Transit Announce UK Tour

Such Gold and Transit are heading to the UK this May! The dates also conveniently end a day before Slam Dunk, which could suggest we'll be seeing both bands there too. Check out the dates below: 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hit The Lights Stream New Song

Kerrang! are streaming Hit the Lights' new song 'The Real'. The song comes from their upcoming album 'Summer Bones'. Make sure you check Hit the Lights out on the Pure Noise Records Tour when they come to the UK (tour dates here).

First Slam Dunk Announcement Revealed

The first round of bands for Slam Dunk have been announced. They include You Me At Six, Taking Back Sunday, Lower Than Atlantis, Reel Big Fish, Millencolin, Goldfinger, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, Bayside, Fireworks, Knuckle Puck, Gallows, Crossfaith, H20, Comeback Kid and Bane. Tickets go on sale this Friday. 

Two O'Clock Courage Release New Single

Two O'Clock Courage have just released a new single titled 'Misericorde'. The song is the debut release from the band's upcoming album ''Missalette'. If you're a fan of Hit the Lights, State Champs or Forever Came Calling make sure you check the new track out. You can also download the new single on Bandcamp here.   

Two O'Clock Courage's Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp | Youtube | 

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Man Overboard to Release Split with Sense Fail

Man Overboard are releasing a split with Sense Fail. It will feature a brand new song called 'One Fixed Point' as well as Man Overboard's own version of Senses Fail's 'Cute When You Scream'. The split will be released a month before Man Overboard head over to Europe and the UK with ROAM. Check out the UK dates below:

April 24th: London, O2 academy Islington
April 25th: Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
April 26th: Bristol, Exchange
April 28th: Leicester, The Scholar
April 29th: Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
April 30th: Newcastle, Think Tank
May 1st: Glasgow, Audio
May 2nd: Manchester, Pinky Swear Festival
May 3rd: Liverpool, Fury Fest
May 4th: Leeds, Key Club 
May 5th: Belfast, Bar Sub
May 6th: Dublin, Fibbers Magees


Free As It Is Download

As part of Kerrang!'s Fresh Blood, you can get a free download of As It Is' song 'Can't Save Myself'. The song comes from the band's EP 'This Mind of Mine'. Check it out below and claim your free download here.  

Neck Deep (Intercontinental Championships Tour) | Live Review

Roughly a week ago, Neck Deep commenced on another headline tour of the UK, this time bringing some very special guests. The tour had a wrestling theme because, to quote Ben Barlow, the guys thought it would be ‘funny’. Another nice addition was that each of the bands playing were from  different countries, showcasing a wide variety of disparity within the pop punk genre. Seaway hail from Canada, Trophy Eyes come from Australia and Knuckle Puck come from the US. On the 27th of January, Neck Deep brought the Intercontinental Championships Tour to Birmingham, and we were lucky enough to catch all the bands doing their thing...

Up first was Seaway, who arrive on to the stage with South Park’s ‘Blame Canada’. After a warm welcome, the guys launch straight into the first song from their new EP, ‘Your Best Friend’. The song builds up the  atmosphere in the audience with vocalist, Ryan Locke, asking the crowd to ‘jump around’ and it certainly works; the excitement is rife with extensive sing-alongs happening all around. Throughout their whole set Seaway do not endure the awkwardness of being the first act on stage and the crowd doesn't stop moving throughout.  Seaway play a variety of songs from their debut album ‘Hoser’, as well as songs from their new EP ‘All in My Head’. The co-vocals of Ryan Locke and Patrick Carleton work really well and the fun, upbeat, all most sweet pop punk is a perfect opener for the show.

Next Up is Trophy Eyes, who come on to a bit of ACDC . The band play various songs from their recent album ‘Mend, Move On’ and their EP ‘Everything Goes Away’. A lot of people have criticised John Floreani’s aggressive vocal style, stating that it wouldn’t work live. However, tonight Floreani can silence his critics as his vocals are at no point weak and they add a unique twist to the pop punk on tonight’s bill. The band also encourage the crowd to participate, with Floreani asking the crowd to ‘come up the front’. Overall, Trophy Eyes add a heavier blend to tonight’s mix, showcasing their abilities with vehement drums and belligerent guitar.

On next is Chicago’s Knuckle Puck who open with ‘Your Back Porch’. Joe Taylor keeps up the energy throughout the set, with the crowd singing along to every word. Knuckle Puck play a variety of songs from their first EPs ‘Don’t Come Home’ and ‘The Weight That You Buried’ and even both songs from their split with Neck Deep. However, the band’s live performance really shines when playing songs from their new EP ‘While I stay Secluded’ and they prove that the new tracks are something they should be proud of. 

Finally, Neck Deep arrive on the stage. As a band, Neck Deep have not had a long history. Forming in 2012 they’ve released two EPs and their debut album Wishful Thinking. Consequently, it is impressive and considerably inspiring to see them sell out the O2 academy, even if it is the smaller second room. Throughout the set, Neck Deep showcase their talents and remind everyone how they have become so successful, with their down to earth, all-encompassing pop punk.  Their live show is on point, with the band putting 110% effort into every verse and chorus they play. The show includes songs that they’ve never played live before, such as Zoltar Speaks and older songs such as Over and Over. Unfortunately, the band had no new songs to play live from their upcoming second album (Fil stated that they would sound shit at the moment anyway) but they make up for it with their stunning performance throughout the rest of the night.

Overall, the Intercontinental Championships Tour is a night that no pop punk fan will forget in a hurry. While it was awesome to see Neck Deep, the tour provided an opportunity for Seaway, Trophy Eyes and Knuckle Puck to showcase their talents and also have their first experience in the UK. We can wait to see them all again soon…

Monday, 2 February 2015

Trash Boat & Nathan Detroit Announce UK Tour

Nathan Detroit and Trash Boat are heading out on a UK tour during April. They will also be joined by Maycomb, Northern Nightlights, Tuskens and Montrose across various dates. Check out the dates below: