Friday, 13 June 2014

Trash Boat - Look Alive Review

Trash Boat have only officially been a band since the beginning of 2014 but from listening to Look Alive, you would never have guessed it. As Trash Boat's first musical endeavor, the EP shows no hint of weakness and is an impressive mixture of memorable melodies, youthful affirmations and an abundance of energy; the perfect musical accessory for summer. 
Cluttered Sign is an absorbing opener to the EP. The opening riff is a gentle start but the pace soon picks up and it turns into a compelling track about past experiences affecting us in the present moment.
The second track Boneless is an impressive profusion of youthful energy with a striking chorus. The track talks about past experiences, specifically illness, and how it can make us who we are today (for more information behind the meaning behind the songs click here).
Gnarmalade is the most aggressive song on the EP, with a fast paced beat and raw vocals. The song could easily be a an extra track from Set Your Goal's This will be the Death of Us or Sum 41's Chuck
The last track Lock In shows no fault throughout, from the verse to the chorus the song is monumental in every way. The song starts as a melodic outset and becomes an expeditious incursion of energy that provides an infallible close to the album. 
Overall, Trash Boat's EP is an impressive first release, especially as they have officially been a band since the start of the year. If you're a fan of Major League or ROAM this EP is definitely for you. Make sure you pick up a copy on June 23rd or download Boneless for free on Trash Boat's bandcamp.  

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