Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Firestarter Interview

Firestarter, who come from Albany NY, have already released two EPs, and are soon to be releasing a brand new split with Old Again. The band kindly answered some of our questions about the new split, their favourite pop punk albums and if they'd ever venture to the UK...

1. How did you guys form Firestarter?
We came together / met after I, Matthew LaPerche (Singer / guitarist), moved up to the Albany, NY area in August of 2012 and began writing the songs found on our EP, New Beginnings. A few months went by and I met Zack, Jeff, and Matt B. through either mutual friends or mutual jobs and we started talking about getting the band together. Started jamming one day and boom, the rest is history!

2. How did decide on the name Firestarter?
Everyone asks us if the name came from that really strange song of the same name by Prodigy from the 90's or the Jimmy Eat World song and EP of the same name (Which would have been sweet), but it is honestly a reference to a song that I wrote in my old band.  

3. What is the first show you ever went to?
Personally? I went to my first punk rock show in 2002 when I was 12 years old to see Blink-182, Green Day, and Saves The Day at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It was awesome obviously and still to this day one of the best shows I went to.

Firestarter's first show was the Team Pagano House Show on New Year's Eve with Pentimento, Candy Hearts, Modern Baseball, and so many more awesome bands!

4. You recently played a show with With The Punches and State Champs, how was that?
Absolutely incredible. With The Punches killed it in front of their hometown and played a lot of old songs I hadn't heard them play live since the first time I saw them. State Champs also killed it especially with their new track, "Elevated", that they just released. Since day one it has always been a pleasure playing with both bands but I am sad to see With The Punches go.

5. Are you disappointed that With the Punches are going on hiatus?
When the news broke that they were bowing out for a while, it seriously bummed me out. I have known that band for three years now since playing with them a bunch with my old band. Since we met, they have been the big brothers I never had. They have helped me so much with advice about a lot of different things over the years and are one of the reasons Firestarter is a band. Without them, I probably wouldn't be where I am today and I am forever grateful for that.
6. In the States, Pop Punk is usually associated with Pizza, can you shed some light on that concept for us? What does it mean?
Honestly I have no clue myself. All I know is, I REALLY like pizza. Probably one of my favorite things to eat. 
7.What are your top 5 favourite pop punk albums?
Not in any particular order but here are my picks for top 5 favorite pop punk records:
Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
New Found Glory - Sticks And Stones
Set Your Goals - Mutiny
The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It

8. Would you ever come to the UK? We have tea, crumpets and the queen....
Funny you ask that! We are actually getting some "tentative" plans to be over in your fine country by the spring of next year with the band Roam. And you do have tea...and crumpets even though I have no idea what that is.

9. Do you guys know what Yorkshire Puddings are?
Uhhh...if it doesn't involve poop from a Yorkshire Terrier. Then no haha
9. Do Americans actually give a shit about the royal baby?
I don't have cable and had no idea that there was even a royal baby, but I am not surprised if people do give a shit as all of the entertainment news shows over here always go on about what the royal family is up to next. 
10. Who are your favourite upcoming pop punk bands? 
A few up and comers you need to check out are Old Again, Sudden Suspension, American Verse, Of Fortune and Fame, We Still Dream, Batten Down The Hatches, Random Holiday, and way too many more to name. 

11. You're releasing a split with Old Again, can you give us some clues as to what the songs will sound like? 
A combination of Fergie and Jesus. Step Brothers reference aside, we worked really hard on these tracks and are super proud of them so we are excited to show these to everyone! If you like old school pop punk, you will love these tracks or at least hopefully you will!

We'd like to thank Matthew LaPerche for the interview and wish the guys the best of luck with their split!

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