Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Neck Deep Release New Video and Tour Dates

It's finally here! The UK tour and a new song with video. The tour is going ahead this January and includes two Wishful Thinking release shows (see above for details). If you're interested in the US dates click Here. The support will be from Eastbourne's Roam! Alongside the tour there will be limited edition bundles with exclusive T-shirts which you can buy before general sale on Friday Here. Also the release for Wishful Thinking (Neck Deep's first release on Hopeless Records) has been revealed. The album will be out January 13th and you can check out Crushing Grief (No Remedy)  below:

Monday, 28 October 2013

Roam: Head Down - Track by Track Guide

Eastbourne's Roam, who formed in 2012, have already got one EP 'No Common Ground' under their Belts. Shortly, they will be releasing Head Down, a mini album of 5 tracks which you can read our review of here. Below you can find out the ideas behind Head Down and the boys' track by track guide.

When we began writing for ‘Head Down’ back in January, we had quite a clear vision on what we wanted it to sound like; A more angsty, shouty, epic version of what we'd done before, trying to aggregate all of the aspects that make this genre great. 
We spent pretty much the whole year, even up to the minutes before we were recording, writing, rewriting and demoing the material, in both a live and recording sense. I think it's really important to have new material for a long time before you set it in stone and record it. We played Head Rush on a weekender we did in February and it went down well, but it was nothing like it is now."

Track 1: You Never Said
This was the second song we'd written for the EP after Head Rush. It came from the intro riff, which Sam had been playing for a while and we'd all jammed our parts onto it, later adding/rewriting and perfecting the rest of the song. The song kind of sums up the stage we're all at in life right now in terms of growing up - we're not quite adults yet but the pressures to be and act like one are there. It's something that can be a bit overbearing sometimes so it's a very therapeutic song for us in that sense; "I've had time to rest my head, it's temporary".  There's a lot of people willing to tell you things you can't be at this stage and it's easy to let that get you down, but you just can't.

Track 2: Stickerslap
Named after the mission from Tony Hawks PS, this song is such a release for us as a band, it's fast, shouty and over within a minute and a half. It's very much a positive song - it's kind of the other side of growing up and just not caring and being reckless in your decisions, instead of wasting time dwelling on mistakes.

Track 3: Nothing in Return
This song came into being literally 2 weeks before recording, and quickly became everyone's favourite. It's very much in theme with the rest of the songs in that it's about not wanting to look back in the future and think you've made the wrong choices in life. It's also about how easy it can be to put everything on the line for your passion fully knowing there's a chance you'll get nothing back "I gave up everything for this and got back nothing in return".

Track 4: Foresight
This started with a riff I'd been playing around with for a while, and took many forms before it ended up as it is now. I think it's the most musically interesting, with a lot of cool sections and a gang shout on the middle 8. The chorus on this one is the catchiest for me too.

Track 5: Head Rush
This was the first track written for the new EP and for us was the first step into a more coherent sound, it sounded a lot more how we wanted to sound. The song's about how people can sometimes lose their sense of self-worth when they become infatuated, putting their feelings and how they're treated aside in order to treasure someone else. The final line of the song "This was for you" is a kind of giving up motion in a positive way - moving on and saying it was for you, but it's not anymore.

Make sure you pick up Head Down on November 18th

Friday, 25 October 2013

Seaway: Going Down On America Trailer

Canada's Seaway are releasing a documentary which shows them embarking on their recent tour of America. The 24 minute documentary, produced by Yeah! Films, who have produced Seaway's music videos, shows the guys journeying from Long Island to Baltimore with appearances from Knuckle Puck and Bellwether. 

Going Down in America will be released November 4th. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mayday Parade Tour with Man Overboard 2014

Mayday Parade, Man Overboard, Divided by Friday and Decade* are undertaking on a UK tour starting next January. 
Catch them at these dates: 
Jan 23rd - Old Firestation, Bournemouth
Jan 24th - Sugarmill, Stoke
Jan 25th - Waterfront, Norwich
Jan 26th - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
Jan 27th - O2 Academy 2, Newcastle
Jan 28th - QMU, Glasgow
Jan 30th - Academy 2, Manchester
Jan 31st - Library, Birmingham
Feb 1st - Academy, Dublin
Feb 2nd - O2 Academy 2, Liverpool
Feb 3rd - Souls, Cardiff
Feb 4th - Cockpit, Leeds
Feb 5th - O2 Academy 2, Oxford
Feb 7th - Koko, London

Also make sure you catch Man Overboard's own headline show in Kingston on Feb 6th with Roam, Home Advantage and Boy Jumps Ship. Tickets here

*23rd January to February 7th only

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Story So Far Added to A Day To Remember's European Tour

The Story So Far have been added to A Day To Remember's European tour this February. Unfortunately, the Manchester and Birmingham shows have sold out but you can still catch them at Alexandra Palace on the 12th of February. 
Buy Tickets Here

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Story So Far and Seahaven Attacked in Belfast

The Story so Far took to twitter yesterday after being jumped when getting a kebab. After playing in Belfast, Ireland, TSSF and Seahaven were attacked by 5  people. All of the band members are okay though and it looks like they put up a fight...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Roam: Head Down Review

Eastbourne's Roam are a firm example of how transcendent British pop punk is becoming. With 'No Common Ground' already under their belts, Head Down is bound to take an indefectible stance with listeners.
The E.P kicks off with 'You never said' (and the quote 'I'm just waiting for a mate'...) which sets the E.P off at a proficient pace. Even though the E.P addresses youthful issues, the lyrics never become futile. Instead they display maturity and sophistication.Sticker Slap is up next.This fast paced track is complimented thoroughly with the vocals and is an illustration of how captivating the E.P is. Nothing in Return becomes slower and tells the story of youthful inadequacy and indifference; a subject that nearly everyone can relate to. The chorus to this track really stands out and is complimented by the gang vocals towards the end of the track. Foresight has the kind of riff that will make you put this track on repeat. Like Nothing in Return, the lyrics convey the feeling of hopelessness and deficiency. Roam recently released a video for the final track of the E.P 'Head Rush'. This track encompasses youthful energy and sums up the EP perfectly. Overall the EP is a profusion of impressive tracks and is a sure sign that Roam will go far.  

Head Down is released 16th November
Listen to Head Rush Here

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Forever Came Calling Release New Song and Split

Forever Came Calling are releasing a new split with Family Thief via Pure Noise Records. The split will be released November 8th. Check out one of FCC's songs, 'Endangered Innocent' from the split above. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

New Found Glory- Connect The Dots

New Found Glory have released a video for their newly released single 'Connect The Dots'. The song comes from their new album 'Kill it Live'. The album consists of old NFG songs - you guessed it - that are live plus some brand new extras. The album will be released on the 8th October, remember to pick up your copy. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Stream A Loss for Word's New Album

A Loss For Word's new album is available to stream on Alternative Press! The album is officially released on October 8th. 

Warped Tour Stage Splits 2013

After reaching 2,000 followers on twitter, Warped Tour have released the stage splits for 2013. Compared to last year, the event is spread over two days with some bands appearing on both days (Yellowcard, Rise Against etc.), while some bands are only appearing once. The event includes four stages: The Main stage which consists of two separate stages side by side that offer alternate acts playing on each, the Jagermeister stage and the Kevin Says Stage.The stage times will be released on the day keeping with Warped Tour tradition. 
If it's anything like last year, you guys are in for a great day/weekend. We'll see you there; you can probably guess where we'll be (we're definitely not catching Real Friends, Handguns, Neck Deep, The Wonder Years or Yellowcard...) 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013