Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stanley and the Search - Weightless Review

Los Angeles natives Stanley and the Search are releasing their new album, Weightless, via Take This To Heart Records, on July 15th. The new release is a remastered version of their EP, Weight, with three brand new songs. This is their first release since their self titled album in 2012. Since then, the band have had a line up change and released their EP Weight in-between. 
The opening track Anatomy (listen here) is a heavy power anthem, markedly different from the opening track of their self titled, Clear Skies, and definitely not in a bad way. 
Second track Calendar is one of the stand out tracks of the album, the melodic vocals contrast exceptionally with the heavy riff and pronounced bass. The album then moves on to Dust you off which is a euphonic track that incorporates melodic guitar and vocals. The track is the only time the album slows down and is a charming break in the middle of a compilation of heavyweight songs. Singer, Dominic's vocals change throughout, moving from melodic to aggressive, the kind that gives you the chills.  The next track Leave it returns the album to its heavy standpoint  and is packed with feeling and hot-blooded lyrics. Pinebox is a track in which singer Dominic's aggressive vocals compliment the song, similarly to Dust you off. Punch the clock is a fast paced track, with a killer chorus and possibly the track most reminiscent of their self titled release. Along with Calendar, this is definitely another standout track and if you were to pick any track from the album to listen to, it should undoubtedly be this one.The closing track Sinking Feeling is a powerful close to the album with an assortment of dynamics and sentiment.
Overall, Weightless is a stand out, impressive and well written album. Although very different from their 2012 release, this in way shape or form is a bad thing. The band state in their bio that fans of Citizen, Polar Bear Club and Make Do and Mend will like their music and the album definitely supports this claim; if you're a fan of heavy, aggressive music that has the potential to become melodic and catchy at any moment, this album is definitely for you. Make sure you pick up your copy on July 15th or get your pre-order here.

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