Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Handguns added to Slam Dunk 2013!

Handguns have been added to the Slam Dunk Line up. The festival starts in Leeds on Saturday the 25th of May, moves to Hatfield on Sunday the 26th and ends in Wolverhampton on the 27th. Handguns will be joining Four Year Strong, Man Overboard, The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, Fireworks and The Story So Far. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Suggestions

January is a shit month. Its been snowing, it's cold and everyone is miserable (Those motherfuckers need a dose of The Upsides). So to make you all happier we've found some new bands that we think you should listen to!  

1. Take Steady Aim  
Take Steady Aim formed in 2012 and are from Los Angeles, California.
They recently released the single 'Accidentally on Purpose'.
You'll like them if you like: Four Year Strong, Misser, Kids can't Fly.

2. Wilson
Wilson are a band from South Wales in the UK, they have a song called 'Hiding Out' and according to facebook, are releasing a new EP soon.
You'll like them if you like: I Call Fives, Allister. 

3. Well planned Attack
Earlier this month we were lucky enough to get an interview with these guys which you can find on our blog. Their debut EP is due to be released this spring but don't fear they have a single which is available for you to listen to. 
You'll like them if you like: Same as Sunday, Four Year Strong, With the Punches, Chunk! no Captian Chunk!

4. Destins Tide
Destins Tide are a band hailing from North Carolina. Their single 'Hometown Hero' is available to download on Itunes.
You'll like them if you like: Veara, Same as Sunday.

5. Cardinals
We'll have to credit Fuck Yeah Pop Punk for this one, who we are religious readers of. Cardinals, who hail from Newport in the UK, have 3 awesome songs which you can download from bandcamp.
You'll like them if you like: The sound made if, Me vs. Hero and Man Overboard had a baby, breakdowns.
Find their music here: 

If you have any suggestions for next month, please email us at

The Ataris UK tour dates

The Ataris are heading to the UK in early April. The band, hailing from Indiana, have been together since 1995 with various line up changes. The band released an EP in 2010 with two new songs entitled 'All souls' Day' and 'The Graveyard of the Atlantic'. 

Tour Dates: 
April 4th - Rugby @Vault Rugby
April 5th - Glasgow @The Classic Grand
April 6th - Manchester @NQ Live
April 7th - Bristol @The Fleece
April 9th - Cardiff @Clwb Ifor Bach
April 10th - Wrexham @Central Station
April 11th - Norwich @Waterfront
April 12th - London @Underworld
April 13th - Plymouth @White Rabbit

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vinnie Caruana UK dates

Vinnie Caruana, ex frontman of The Movielife and current singer of I am the Avalanche is heading to the UK for some acoustic solo shows. Caruana fronted The Movielife from 1997-2003 with some brief reunion shows in 2010-2011. After The Movielife he then went on to sing for I am the avalanche from 2004. Catch him play acoustic versions of songs from both bands at these UK dates:

20th April - Bristol @Hit The Deck 
21st April - Nottingham @Hit The Deck 
22nd April - Newcastle upon Tyne @The Cluny 
23rd April - Leeds @Brudenell Social Club
24th April - Manchester @Sacred Trinity Church

Man Overboard: Lost Tape Collective Holiday Show

A new Man Overboard & Lost Tape Collective documentary has been released via Property of Zack. The video shows behind the scenes footage and an insight into the running and history of Lost Tape Collective. The documentary also features peformances of 'Something's Weird', 'Dead End Dreams' and 'Montrose'.

You can find the documentary below:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Neck Deep Video/ Tour Dates

Neck Deep have premiered their new video for 'Over and Over' on Rocksound. As if this wasn't enough, the band have released tour dates for us lucky people.

Tour Dates:
(Mythophonic Managment showcase featuring Hctivist and Eager Teeth)
Feb 12th - London @Boderline
Feb 13th - York @Duchess
Feb 14th -Glasgow @ABC 2
Feb 15th - Manchester @Satan's Hollow
(with Attention Theives)
Feb 22nd - Milton Keynes @Crauford Arms
Feb 23rd - Aldershot @West End Center
Feb 27th - Bounremouth @The Winchester
Feb 28th - Southhampton @Avondale House
March 1st - Bicester @Courtyard
March 2nd - Stoke on Trent @Underground
March 3rd - Leicester @The Cookie Jar
March 4th - Manchester @Sound Contorl
March 5th - Sheffield @Corporation
March 7th - Newcastle @Reds
March 9th - Swansea @Sin City
March 10th - Reading @Sub 89
March 13th - London @Old Blue Last

You can find the video below:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Album Releases 2013

Today we compiled a list of new albums due to come out this year. (please let us know if we missed any, we're sure there's more than 8!!!)

1.First of all, Save Your Breath revealed on Facebook that they were in the studio recording their second album. This followed a status that read '2013...another record on the horizon. Not bad as we almost disappeared in 2012'. After the release of their incredible debut 'Vices', the boys lost a guitarist and a drummer leaving them to find replacements. Recentely they released an EP 'Recover' via City of Gold Records. 

2.Blackpool's Me vs Hero are also planning to release their album 'I'm completely fine' which is due in winter. The band released a live studio performance of 'Heisenberg' from the album on youtube.

3.New York's State Champs are releasing their debut full length record on Pure Noise Records due in the summer. The band released their EP 'Overslept' last year.

4.Stickup Kid have posted videos of them at Jingletown Recording which you can find on youtube. The album is due 'springish 2013'.   

5.Set Your Goals are heading to the studio this month to record with New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert who they recorded two itunes singles with last February. The band released a statement telling fans about the new release after their drummer Mikey left. The album is set for release this Summer.

6.Blink 182 are due to release their first album since their split from Interscope records who they had been with since 1997. The band are hitting the recording studio in February to record the follow up to neighborhoods.

7.A Loss for Words revealed by twitter that they would be releasing a new album in 2013

8.The Wonder Years also revealed by twitter that they'll be in the studio this month recording an album, that is due to be out late spring/early summer.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Starting Line 10th Anniversary Show coming to UK

The Starting Line are landing on UK soil in late April to peform 'Say It Like You Mean It' in its entirety for a one off visit. This comes after the tenth anniversary of the album last year. The album was released on July 26th 2002 on Drive-Thru records and includes the hit 'The Best of Me'. Don't miss the chance to see them, it's one of the last two dates on the tour!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Interview with Well Planned Attack

Well Planned Attack is an Italian band which formed in March 2012 and is made up of four members: Fabio on Guitar & Vocals, Perez on Guitar, Manuel on Bass and Julien on Drums. Their EP is due to come out around spring this year and they released their first song 'Won't Stand Down' on the 20th December 2012 which can be found on Youtube, Spotify and iTunes.
Here you go, here's our interview with Well Planned Attack
1. What other bands influence you?
Julien: The bands that influence us most are Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan and Four Year Strong
Fabio: Our sound obviously comes from other pop punk bands, while for the lyrics I also get inspired by rap music. In this period I'm listening to a lot of Huey Mack's stuff
2. What are the themes of your upcoming EP, and who would you compare yourselves to in terms of other bands? 
Perez: Our EP is basically a mixture of the pop punk sound and the lyrics that inspire us the most at the time. We get influenced by the bands we like but we always try to write music that sounds new and fresh to the listener. The lyrics are mostly about our everyday life, we are not 16 anymore so it's not all about parties and girls who don't love us back, but we have to deal with the struggles that real life puts infront of you when you're in your 20's, regarding work, life changes and obviously relationships...
Manuel: ...and how much my job sucks!
3. What are your five favourite pop punk albums?
Manuel: All Time Low - So wrong it's right
Simple Plan - No pads, No helmets...Just balls
Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers
 No Use For A Name - Hard rock bottom
Blink 182 - Enema of the state

Fabio: Blink 182 - Selftitled (Can we consider it pop punk?)
Millencolin - Pennybrige Pioneers
The Story So Far - Under soil and dirt
Barely Blind - My life with a giant
Melody Fall - Consider us gone

Perez: Blink 182 - Enema of the state
Vanilla Sky - Waiting for something
Tonight Alive - What are you so scared of?
The Starting Line - Say it like you mean it
Busted - A present for everyone

Julien: There are too many!

4. Do you have any funny band stories from rehearsals etc.?
Julien: Last december we had a photoshoot and the only one of us who had the photographer's number was Manuel. The day before, whilst working, Manuel got a text from Perez and, taking the phone out his pocket, accidently dropped it on the floor. At that point the phone was still working but its display was broken and it was impossible to read anything on it, so he had the brilliant idea to place the phone on the floor and drive over it with a forklift a few times thinking it was the funniest thing ever. The only problem is that the day later we couldn't find the photographer because the only way we could contact him was in the smashed phone! Fortunately in the end it went fine.

5. How did you form Well Planned Attack?
Fabio: I used to play in another pop punk band previously, but we had a few problems with the drummer and we broke up. A few days later I was talking to Perez about the fact I wished there were more people as commited to music as him in my area, in order to start a new band. At that point the idea to start a band came together in our minds.

Perez: I'm very proud about how we started the band, because the strange thing is that me and Julien live 45 minutes away from Manuel's hometown and more than 2 hours away from Fabio's college town. If it was 20 years ago we wouldn't even be a band right now, or even know each other. I knew Fabio from a Blink 182 forum back in 2004. Last year we decided to start this band despite the distance, recording solo demos and sending them to the other members. This is a very unusual method for underground bands, which usually meet with their members in a rehearsal room and write songs together. Julien used to play in my previous band so I asked him if he want to join, then we got in touch with Manuel who liked the demos and decided to join us.

Manuel: I used to play in another band as well, but I soon got tired because it was not my kind of music. Then three dumb guys got in touch with me telling me they were looking for a handsome and virtuoso bass here I am!

Julien: The truth is we found him in a hospice wearing his one-piece pyjamas.

6. How is pop punk perceived in your home country of Italy? Is it as popular as it is in the UK and USA?
Perez: Not really...there's no pop punk on tv or national radio. It used to be popular between 2006 and 2010 but it was just a temporary trend, so like every temporary trend, it ended.

Fabio: Pop punk in Italy is not even half as big as it is in the UK and USA, but I'd say that it is slowly getting bigger and bigger...and I would also say it's getting better and better. There are really good Italian bands, like Notimefor and Vanilla Sky.

7. How did you come up with your band name?
Perez: Fabio came up with the name around May. I liked it since the beginning and although we had other names we kept Well Planned Attack till the end.

Fabio: Yes, the name is my fault. The band name is actually a line from 'Scary' by The Movielife, a pop punk band from the Drive Thru Records era. I guess it doesn't fit us very well given that we aren't good at planning and we always end up delaying stuff, but we promise this won't be the case with our EP.

8. What inspired your album artwork?
Fabio: We still don't have definite artwork for the EP, but I think it'll be funny and colourful...I'd like to include a unicorn too...and a burrito. I love burritos!

9. Who does most of the song writing in the band? Do you find it difficult?
Perez: It's definitely not easy because as I said before, we can't write songs together in the same room. Each member of the band records demos on his PC and sends it to the other members. If it sounds good, we keep working on it in the preproduction and we do the last touches in the studio.

Fabio: I did most of the songwriting for this EP, no wonder I'm the one with the worst grades at college in the band now. Anyway, the most difficult part in writing a song is writing a good chorus. I come up with thousands of intro riffs every day, but when it comes to the chorus I have to rely on my band mates to help.

10. Do you get to spend much time together? Do you get along well?
Perez: Sadly, we can't meet very often because of the distance and because we're all busy with work and studies, but every time we do meet there is always a totally funny atmosphere.

Julien: I wish we could meet more often!

Fabio: Since we live quite far away we can't see each other frequently, but when we do we have the best time. However, we are always keeping one another in contact via technology, for example we have a private group on facebook where we post hundreds of stupid things on a daily basis. We really can't wait to tour and have fun together.

Manuel: I love posting stupid stuff on that facebook group, I just posted a video of some guys losing the engine of the boat they're on in the middle of the sea, I can't stop laughing!


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Yellowcard UK Tour

Pop punk veterans Yellowcard are hitting the UK at the end of Feb on a six date tour. Check out 'Southern Air' their latest release on Hopeless Records.

Tour Dates:

Feb 25th - Portsmouth @Wedgewood Rooms
Feb 26th - London @Koko
March 1st - Manchester @Ritz
March 2nd - Coventry @Kasbah
March 3rd - Kingston @The Peel
March 5th - Norwich @Waterfront

Handguns on UK tour with Senses Fail

Handguns are supporting Senses Fail on their UK starting Mid May. Handguns recently released their album 'Angst' on Pure Noise Records.
Tour Dates:

May 18th - Kingston @The Peel
May 19th - Southhampton @Talking Heads
May 20th - Bristol @Thekla
May 21st - Cardiff @Clwb Ifor Bach
May 22nd - Nottingham @Rescue Rooms
May 23rd - Glasgow @King Tut's
May 24th - Newcastle @Academy 2
May 28th - Manchester @NQ Live
May 29th - Norwich @Waterfront
May 30th - London @Underworld
May 31st - Exeter @Cavern
June 1st - Oxford @Academy 2

We are also suspecting Slam Dunk dates from the band as Senses Fail are playing the festival from 25th-27th also.


Broadway Calls' New Song/Album Release

'Wildly Swinging' is the newly released song from Broadway Calls.
It's out prior to their new album 'Comfort/Distraction' due to be released on February 5th (Via No Sleep Records).

The Track List:
1. Bring on the storm
2. Open Letter
3. Minus One
4. Lucky Lighter
5. Surrounded by Ghosts
6. Zombie World
7. Wildly Swinging
8. I'll Be There
9. Stealing Sailboats
10. Life is Rhythm
11. Full of Hope

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Story So Far - New Album News

The Story So Far will be releasing their new album 'What you don't see' on the 26th of March this year via Pure Noise Records
The follow up to 'Under soil and dirt' is higly anticipated and was recorded with New Found Glory's Steve Klein.
The Tracklist is as follows:
1. Things I Can't Change
2. Stifled
3. Small Talk
4. Playing The Victim
5. Right Here
6. Empty Space
7. The Glass
8. All Wrong
9. Bad Luck
10. Face Value
11. Framework


Dogs Eating Dogs - Blink 182 REVIEW

'Dogs Eating Dogs' is the kind of EP we'd come to expect from the 'mature' Blink 182. It takes its influence from all the members various side projects; from Angels and Airwaves to +44, whilst still retaining the 'Blink 182 sound'.

The EP's first track starts with a synth-ey instrumental intro before plunging the listener into a fast paced verse by DeLonge, his vocals sounding like his best in some time. This is pushed forward by Travis Barker's crisp hi hat beat and a rumbling Hoppus bassline. The song then soars into a chorus of DeLonge singing "This is the worst damn day of my life". It's catchy, loud and most importantly, heavy. The EP then moves onto the title track, which is another banger. This is the only track on the EP led by Hoppus vocally, and he too impresses. These two songs show and urgency which hasn't been heard since 'Dude Ranch'.

Just when you think that maybe Blink 182 have matured gracefully after their 2011 mid-life crisis album 'Neighbourhoods'you get brought back to reality by the EP's third track 'Disaster', which doesn't exactly excite. The song, minus the please-get-into-it intro,is around two minutes long but feels much longer. Especially with its goofy chorus "What do you fear, my love?/Your soul, it will float like a dove". This embarrassing part of the EP is second only to fourth song 'Boxing Day' which see's Blink attempting to venture into folk territory. It's laughable. It's actually awkward to listen to, with a four chord acoustic guitar progression, unfitting drums and lyrics such as "I'm empty like the day after christmas", you'd expect this in an Xmas no.1 not a Blink 182 song.

The EP finishes with the song 'Pretty Little Girl' which starts pleasantly enough with a DeLonge sung verse which, after the last two songs makes the listener either excited or concerned. The song then goes into another forgettable chorus which atleast features those loveable DeLonge-Hoppus harmonies, before yet another synth driven section. Just when you start wishing the EP would finish gracefully, guest rapper Yelawolf pops up awkwardly with a 35-second rap which does not seem to serve any purpose whatsoever, aside from to confirm that Blink 182 haven't quite figured out the meaning of a 'mature' sound. This EP coupled with 'Neighbourhoods' leaves me with the impression that Blink seem to think 'mature' means 'synth', the synths however are completely unnecessary and out of place most of the time.

All in all, considering the EP was written and recorded in two months, the first two tracks impress hugely. The opening track is head and shoulders above any tracks realesed since their self-titled album in 2003 and should give Blink 182 fans hope that maybe there is still some life left in Blink 182 yet. However, the last three tracks really need to be deleted from Blink 182 history as they do nothing for their legacy.


James Atherton 

Monday, 14 January 2013


Watch out for our interview with the upcoming Italian band Well Planned Attack. See the link to their music video below.

If you have any questions you want to ask them just drop us an email at

The Story So Far UK Tour Dates

The Story So Far are to hit the UK at the end of April with Gnarwolves and The American Scene.
UK Tourdates:
April 30th - London @The Old Blue Last
May 1st - Bristol @The Croft
May 2nd - Cardiff @Clwb Ifor Bach
May 3rd - Plymouth @The White Rabbit
May 4th - Birmingham @The Asylum
May 5th - Sheffield @Corporation
May 6th - Liverpool @The Shipping Forecast
May 7th - Manchester @NQ Live (was MoHo Live)
May 8th -Aberdeen @The Tunnels
May 9th - Glasgow @King Tut's Wah Wah Hut
May 10th - Newcastle Upon Tyne @Trillians Rock Bar
May 11th - Nottingham @Rock City
May 12th - Norwich @The Waterfront
May 13th - Southhampton @Joiners Arms
May 14th - Kingston Upon Thames @The Fighting Cocks (Cockpit) 




Such Gold and Major League to tour the UK and Ireland with Funeral for a Friend, starting at the end of January.
Tour Dates:
Jan 23rd - Belfast @Limelight
Jan 24th - Derry @Nerve Centre
Jan 25th - Cork @Cypress Avenue
Jan 26th - Dublin @Fibber Magees
Jan 28th - Cardiff @Clwb Ifor Bach
Jan 29th - Bristol @The Fleece
Jan 30th - Plymouth @White Rabbit
Jan 31st - Exeter @Cavern
Feb 2nd - Bournemouth @Sound Circus
Feb 3rd - Portsmouth @Wedgewood Rooms
Feb 4th - Brighton @The Haunt
Feb 6th - Margate @Westcoast Bar
Feb 7th - Cambridge @The Junction
Feb 8th - Nottingham @Rescue Rooms

Feb 9th - Norwich @Waterfront
Feb 11th - York @The Duchess
Feb 12th - Leeds @Cockpit
Feb 13th - Glasgow @King Tut's
Feb 14th - Newcastle @Uni. Students Union
Feb 16th - Manchester @NQ Live
Feb 17th - Stoke on Trent @Sugarmill
Feb 18th - London @Garage
Feb 19th - Birmingham @Asylum


Hey everyone, here's our blog, we know it's only small but our mission is to share with you new and upcoming pop punk bands. However, we will also be filling you in on any updates from your old favourites. We will also be posting tour dates from overseas and UK bands, so you never miss out. If you have any suggestions drop us an email at  

Thanks \m/