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We Still Dream Interview

We Still Dream formed in January 2008 in Jacksonville, FL and since then have put out several releases, their most recent being the awesome ‘Something To Smile About’ on Anchor Eighty Four Records. You can read our review of STSA here:

We caught up with We Still Dream to find out about the new record and upcoming tour plans!

Hey We Still Dream! Thanks for doing this interview, let’s start by talking about you’re new album ‘Something to Smile About.’ How long has this record been in the making?
We wrote most of the material on the record in about three months, and we were in the studio for a month after that.
When reviewing your album we picked up on the way songs were crafted to play live, so what is your favourite song on the album to play live?
Hmm some of our favorites right now are Tendencies, Closer Look, and Things You Do.
You have chosen to release STSA on vinyl, which is starting to see resurgence in popularity, what were your reasons for this?
We think it’s cool that people are buying records again, and we have never had them made before. So when the option came to us from Anchor Eighty Four we all wanted to do it… oh and because Snoop Dog did it.
Do you have any funny or strange stories from recording the album?
We camped outside of the studio in a small RV during the recording process. One of the nights we met up with our good friends in Heart to Heart, and we had an a little RV party! Also one of the last days when we were doing gang vocals (especially in "Back to Then") some of us were a little too tipsy haha.
Do you prefer recording or playing live?
Playing live will always be my favorite because of all of the energy that goes into it. Yet we do like recording as well and being able to experiment with different tones and sounds.
Does having 3 Mikes in the band get confusing at times?
We get this question all the time haha! It’s not that bad though. We just use our last names.
 What are your top five favourite pop punk albums?
This is in no particular order.
Daisy-Brand New
Self titled-Blink 182
Blue Album-Weezer
Say It Like You Mean It-The Starting Line
I don’t know if you can say all these albums are pop punk, but this is the kind of stuff we jam.
 What are your aims as a band?
We want to tour a lot, and go back overseas eventually. We all really want to play warped tour hopefully sometime soon!
Who does most of the song writing?
The 4 of us who play instruments write all of the music, and then Dustin will write lyrics and play around with melodies.
You toured the UK back in 2011, which town/city did you enjoy playing most?
We really enjoyed Kingston a lot. They guys over at banquet records put on the show and it was really fun. We also really enjoyed playing in Sheffield with The Wonder Years, and Hostage Calm. Really good turnout and everyone seemed to be into it.
What are your favourite things about playing in the UK?
Meeting and seeing people sing along at our shows is definitely awesome. We live so far away yet they still know the words to our songs. That is an awesome feeling. The after parties after the shows were always fun too!
How do the crowds in the UK differ to the crowds in the US?
They are not that much different. But everyone in the UK seemed to be really interested in watching our set as well as other bands. No one was really on their phones texting or anything like that. Which was nice. But they were relatively similar.
And finally, do you have any plans to tour STSA in the UK soon? We’d all love you back!
Most definitely! We are trying to get something planned right now. Hopefully sometime soon. We can’t wait to come back! It was so much fun for all of us.
Thank you very much for granting us the interview!

Check out our review of We Still Dream's new album at:

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