Monday, 12 August 2013

We Still Dream: Album Review

Album Review- We Still Dream: 'Something To Smile About' 

We Still Dream formed in January 2008 in Jacksonville, FL and since then have put out several releases, their most recent being the awesome ‘Something To Smile About’ on Anchor Eighty Four Records. ‘STSA’ is a catchy, heavy and above-all, fun record.

The heavy choruses of the songs really make the album stand out and resonate in the mind of the listener for days to come. We have experienced this first hand as the chorus to the last song on the album ‘Dissipate’ has been in our heads for days. Vocalist Dustin Monk shows his ability and raw talent as a singer throughout the album, letting his voice go from being soft and melodic on tracks like ‘Turnaround’ to a heavy shout on tracks like ‘Things You Do.’  But Dustin’s voice really shines when he lets his voice go, like on the chorus to the slow but big song ‘Convince Me’ which gave us goose bumps the first time we heard it. The other members of the band compliment the vocals throughout the album, guitarists Mike W and Mike D riff and solo their way through the album ferociously, standing out on tracks like ‘Back to Then’ and ‘Tendencies.’ This album has clearly been written to play live and the rhythm section, bassist DJ and drummer MIKE M (how confusing must that be at practise?!) keep the beat and are sure to make the audience go crazy. Overall, this is a fantastic album and at $8 (about £5) it is a steal.

Download: ‘Back To Then’, ‘Things You Do’, ‘Sanity’

For Fans of: The Starting Line, New Found Glory, This Time Next Year

By James Atherton 

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