Friday, 30 August 2013

Why You Should Listen to Firestarter:

 Earlier this year, Firestarter who hail from Albany NY, released their EP New Beginnings which opens with the fast paced track of the same name. From the start you can tell that the EP will not be a disappointment. It's the kind of EP that has an abundance of energy that you know would be incredible live. The only time it ever slows down is towards the end of the last track Three years, which we're definitely not complaining  about as it brings the EP to a prefect close (and press that play button again).

More recently, Firestarter have released an acoustic EP, Rooftop Acoustic Songs, which includes acoustic versions of 3  tracks from New beginnings plus This is How. Rooftop Acoustic Songs is instantly uplifting, guaranteed to make you feel elated and shows that the band definitely have talent. 

The guys have also released a video for 49 Stow, a track from New Beginnings, which is definitely worth a watch: 

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