Sunday, 3 August 2014

Nathan Detroit - Peace Of Mind Review

From Wiltshire in the UK, Nathan Detroit are already on their third release. Peace of Mind, which is released on August 16th, is a mix of catchy choruses, immense riffs and a lyrical advancement throughout which portrays that everyone has the ability to overcome problematic times... 

The opening track,The Way Down, is a delicate intro to the EP. The riff is a gentle inauguration for the next ten minutes of songs about overcoming everyday challenges and coming out as a stronger person. Most of the songs on the EP start off subtly and become energetic and memorable, complimented by remarkable riffs. The gentle openers offer an interesting dynamic to the Peace Of Mind. It adds extra intensity to the EP and helps to disclose the overall message. Way Down is an example of this; while it starts gently, it becomes a hard-hitting, infectious and melodious anthem. The second track, Never Enough is an upbeat, bold track. The tempo increases on the verses and choruses, creating an adventurous pop punk melody. Never Enough conveys that you should never give up and always be yourself, a message that resonates strongly with the listener. 

Similarly to The Way Down,  the third track, I Will Always Be Part Of This World, starts off with a soft and delicate riff. The vocals are powerful and vocalist Jamie’s voice compliments the placid riff with the right balance of power and melody. The harmonies within this section, which although short, add a captivating dynamic to the track. A third of the way through I Will Always Be Part of This world, the track changes and it becomes a punchy, riff-laden composition with a chorus that will leave any listener dying to sing along.

Every Heart is another stand out track about  The lyrics state 'I know there's room in every heart, I know you'll see this one day when you least it expect it'. It displays a message that every one has the right to feel empowered and accomplish something. This is the perfect ending and really enforces the positive message from the EP. 

Overall, the EP is a tremendous assortment of catchy and melodic songs. The lyrical progression also makes the EP stand out; the songs start with 'The Way Down', a song about when daily life becomes too much and ends with Every Heart, a positive message which illustrates that everybody has the ability to make a positive future. As well as this, each track is complimented by a vigorous riff that will make the EP be the center of attention in your record collection. Make sure you pick up a copy of Peace Of Mind on August 11th. 

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