Sunday, 10 August 2014

Me vs Hero | I'm Completely Fine Review

It has been four years since Me vs Hero released their debut album, Days That Shaped Our Lives, and we have missed them a hell of a lot. Speaking to Rock Sound, the band have said that the album, who’s title started as a joke paraphrasing Alan Partridge’s immortal line – Yeah I’m Completely Fine, nearly ended them a number of times. However, the four year wait and the apparent trouble the album seems to have caused appears to have been extremely beneficial as Me vs Hero are coming back stronger than ever...

The opening track, I'm Completely Fine, is a foolproof intro which gives foresight into what the next twelve songs consist of. While the track starts off slowly, it builds up creating an array of anticipation that recklessly leads into the rest it the album. I'm Completely Fine steers into Opposites, a song about people who are handed what they have on a plate. The chorus really ingrains this idea as Sam sings 'No one could have picked two other worlds so opposite, you take yours I'll take mine, I know what hard work is'. The chorus, which is incredibly catchy, is also accompanied by a signature Me vs Hero guitar hook and first-rate drums.  

The next track Skin and Bones has all the elements of a flawless pop punk track; fast paced drums, an appealing and memorable chorus and impressive guitar hook. This then leads into track four, Rush for Gold, which has the finest chorus on the album. The verses are a dejected tale of becoming older which is then contrasted against an extremely upbeat chorus, filled with an exceptional hooks and energetic gang vocals.

Virtues is another stand out track from the album. It combines all the best things about Me vs Hero: riffs that are engraved into your memory, vigorous gang vocals, indelible lyrics and a breakdown so good you have the song on repeat all day. Home Alone is only 52 seconds long but in no way is this a debilitating factor; the gang vocals will leave anyone dying to hear this played live. Marks of a Slave is the next track and the place where the lyrics stand out the most. The song states 'we're all born defined by our cultures, set loose to be caught and stripped of our thoughts.Another possession of monsters, worked to the core to feel safe and secure in our walls' conveying the dissatisfaction and pressures within the working world.

Heisenberg is next up, which also has an Interlude - Truth. The song channels the idea of a bad relationship and the lyrics are also flawless and identifiable. The  gang vocals on the chorus will leave it stuck in your head all day. Hang In is a beautiful acoustic song, the kind that has the ability to give you chills all over. The chorus is complimented by awesome harmonies and even here gang vocals can be found. 

Things we Know, is the song most reminiscent of earlier Me vs Hero songs and the easycore roots are evident. The riff is especially gratifying, exalted by a mix of chugs and gang vocals. Next up is These Past Five Years, the last song on the album. The song provides a powerful close, another song that would sound great live.

Overall, I'm Completely Fine is an extremely impressive sophomore album. While it is pop punk at its core, Me vs Hero have returned to their roots and added their signature easycore take to the album. Although it's been a long wait, I'm Completely Fine is totally worth it...

Make sure you pick up a copy on September 1st or preorder here.

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