Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Milestones | Equal Measures | Artwork Feature

Averaging an age of just 18 (17 when they wrote and recorded Equal Measures in 2014, with former Bring Me The Horizon / now All Time Low sound guy Phil Gornell), Milestones have meticulously constructed five songs that positively belie their young age and relative inexperience; Equal Measures is the glorious, compelling sound of raw, natural talent put to the test, tracks such as anthemic single ‘Nothing Left’ offering up simple but soaring melodies that tingle the nape of your neck and leave you totally hooked. Here vocalist Matt discusses the creation of the artwork for their debut… 

“For our EP artwork we decided to go with Bootch Art & Design because he has completed some amazing work in the past. For example, he worked with our lads in Yeah Detroit (whom we toured with in February), so we went from there really. 

We mentioned what concepts we wanted to portray and then altered a few different sketch versions until we were happy. The creation of the cover really was based around the lyrics concerning uncertainty, which focus mainly a sense of security being taken away from you. When you cherish something so close, sometimes you forget that the feeling isn't invincible and isn't eternal. We tried to capture this by featuring a guy leaving his home, as a home represents what I mentioned; security. You never expect your home to not be there the next day, the same way the lyrics portray that sense of uncertainty and feeling lost. 

We also wanted the setting to be a wooded area, in order to give the idea of being lost afterwards. It's not like he's just losing his home and everything he's known, he also has absolutely no idea where he's going now, he's completely lost and alone. 

I suppose the whole record is a quiet reminder for me never to hold on and be too certain on things. Never to count on tomorrow really. We're very pleased with the outcome and would like to thank Bootch for doing a good job with it!”

Equal Measures is out the 6th of April! Check out Milestone's video for 'More to Me' below: 

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