Saturday, 28 March 2015

Real Friends │Live Review

After supporting All Time Low on their European tour with Neck Deep, Real Friends performed 3 UK headline shows last week in the UK. After playing to stadium sized crowds, Real Friends toned it down and played at smaller, more intimate venues. We caught them at the Asylum in Birmingham to see them do their thing…  

First on the stage is Startford-upon-Avon's, Jet Pack. They give a rapturous performance laced with pop filled alt-rock. They play a short set and trigger the energy in the room with an exalted and ecstatic performance. 

Next up are Trash Boat who've just announced that they’ve signed to Hopeless Records. Trash Boat really elevate the energy with many fans surging to the front to bawl the lyrics at singer Tobi. Trash Boat give a raw and energetic performance and it’s clear that signing to Hopeless was a great move for both parties. Although they have a short set, their songs ascend around the venue. They also play songs from their upcoming EP Brain Work and let everybody know that it is definitely something to be excited about.

Brawlers are on next. They perform with a profusion of energy with the band putting 110% into each song they play. Their songs are fast, upbeat and they act as the perfect commencement for Real Friends. 

Finally, Real Friends emerge onto the stage to ‘Maybe This Place Is The Same…’ which then leads in to an ecstatic rendition of ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’. The band bounce across the stage while the audience shouts back every word. Real Friends skip around their discography, playing fan favourites such as Alexander Supertramp and Floorboards, all the way to songs from the new album like Summer and Old Book. Real Friends look genuinely happy to be on stage, with bassist Kyle Fasel smiling at the crowd as they sing his lyrics back to singer, Dan Lambton.  The band also slow things down with I’ve Given Up On You and Sixteen which leaves Dan’s voice redundant due to the amount of voices partaking in the sing along. Overall, Real Friends play an awesome show and we hope they return to the UK soon.

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