Monday, 21 January 2013

Album Releases 2013

Today we compiled a list of new albums due to come out this year. (please let us know if we missed any, we're sure there's more than 8!!!)

1.First of all, Save Your Breath revealed on Facebook that they were in the studio recording their second album. This followed a status that read '2013...another record on the horizon. Not bad as we almost disappeared in 2012'. After the release of their incredible debut 'Vices', the boys lost a guitarist and a drummer leaving them to find replacements. Recentely they released an EP 'Recover' via City of Gold Records. 

2.Blackpool's Me vs Hero are also planning to release their album 'I'm completely fine' which is due in winter. The band released a live studio performance of 'Heisenberg' from the album on youtube.

3.New York's State Champs are releasing their debut full length record on Pure Noise Records due in the summer. The band released their EP 'Overslept' last year.

4.Stickup Kid have posted videos of them at Jingletown Recording which you can find on youtube. The album is due 'springish 2013'.   

5.Set Your Goals are heading to the studio this month to record with New Found Glory's Chad Gilbert who they recorded two itunes singles with last February. The band released a statement telling fans about the new release after their drummer Mikey left. The album is set for release this Summer.

6.Blink 182 are due to release their first album since their split from Interscope records who they had been with since 1997. The band are hitting the recording studio in February to record the follow up to neighborhoods.

7.A Loss for Words revealed by twitter that they would be releasing a new album in 2013

8.The Wonder Years also revealed by twitter that they'll be in the studio this month recording an album, that is due to be out late spring/early summer.

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