Sunday, 27 January 2013

January Suggestions

January is a shit month. Its been snowing, it's cold and everyone is miserable (Those motherfuckers need a dose of The Upsides). So to make you all happier we've found some new bands that we think you should listen to!  

1. Take Steady Aim  
Take Steady Aim formed in 2012 and are from Los Angeles, California.
They recently released the single 'Accidentally on Purpose'.
You'll like them if you like: Four Year Strong, Misser, Kids can't Fly.

2. Wilson
Wilson are a band from South Wales in the UK, they have a song called 'Hiding Out' and according to facebook, are releasing a new EP soon.
You'll like them if you like: I Call Fives, Allister. 

3. Well planned Attack
Earlier this month we were lucky enough to get an interview with these guys which you can find on our blog. Their debut EP is due to be released this spring but don't fear they have a single which is available for you to listen to. 
You'll like them if you like: Same as Sunday, Four Year Strong, With the Punches, Chunk! no Captian Chunk!

4. Destins Tide
Destins Tide are a band hailing from North Carolina. Their single 'Hometown Hero' is available to download on Itunes.
You'll like them if you like: Veara, Same as Sunday.

5. Cardinals
We'll have to credit Fuck Yeah Pop Punk for this one, who we are religious readers of. Cardinals, who hail from Newport in the UK, have 3 awesome songs which you can download from bandcamp.
You'll like them if you like: The sound made if, Me vs. Hero and Man Overboard had a baby, breakdowns.
Find their music here: 

If you have any suggestions for next month, please email us at

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