Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tigerstyle | Where Do We Go From Here | Review

Tigerstyle, who hail from Northampton, have just released their third EP, Where Do We Go From Here. Tigerstyle are yet another example of an up and coming UK band who prove that pop punk doesn't just belong the US. The EP consists of four fast-paced, melodious songs which add another awesome addition to Tigerstyle's repertoire. 

The EP opens with Barefoot. The lyrics for Barefoot are dark, cluttered with unconcealed emotion. The pace is sporadic complimented by dynamic guitar parts that are gripping from the off-set. 

Pages is up next which makes for a more upbeat,catchy and invigorating song. The song starts with charming intro which quickly leads into an uplifting guitar riff accompanied by sincere lyrics that denote themes of summer and being young. Signals, the third track, is a fast-paced, buoyant song.The vocal melody is unforgettable brimming with youthful angst and engrossing guitar hooks. 

Projections is the final track on the EP. Like Signals, Projections has a captivating chorus laden with energetic riffs and an impeccable rhythm  

Overall, Where Do We Go From Here is a solid effort from Tigerstyle. They've managed to create a proficient, impassioned EP that will appeal to the majority of pop punk fans. The EP consists of everything that makes for a striking pop punk sound; breakneck tempos, engaging riffs and infectious vocal melodies.

Where Do We Go From Here is out now! Get it for free on Bandcamp until 19/06/15:

Tigerstyle's Facebook | Twitter 

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