Monday, 25 May 2015

Sugar Ape | Club Night | Review

On the first Wednesday of every month, The Bodega, located in Nottingham, opens its doors to Sugar Ape, an alternative club night with some extra entertainment thrown into the mix. Alternative nights seem to have become more popular in recent years, proving that clubbing isn't just for those who prefer dance music.

Sugar Ape plays a mix of pop punk, rock and metal while also having themes such as Mario Kart, beach party and even a onesie themed night. We headed down on the 6th of May, a Mario-Kart themed night, to find out what Sugar Ape has to offer.

Upon entry, which was £2, and up a staircase we were greeted with free shots, which is never a bad thing when you’re a poor student. We also received a cup full of free sweets from the bar, in line with the Mario-Kart theme. The venue was also a perfect size with the dance floor being spacious enough to hold plenty of people without being smothered in a sea of bodies throughout the night. Upon entering the dance floor was uninhabited apart from a few eager souls. However, after about 15 minutes Sugar Ape soon started to fill up with people swiftly arriving to liven up their Wednesday night.

Sugar Ape offers a great selection of drinks. You can buy two Jaegerbombs for £3.50, singles are £2 and doubles are £3. We also tried Sugar Ape’s own drink, Gorilla Piss which is a secret formula that vaguely resembles orange juice and lemonade. The drink comes in a pitcher at £8 which is a great choice to share with your mates.

The music at Sugar Ape is great. They play all sorts from Set Your Goals, Sum 41, The All American Rejects to Drowning Pool, Slipknot and Linkin Park. If you’re the person that grew up on Kerrang and Scuzz you’ll have the greatest time with Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance and Bowling For Soup all featuring in the playlist. However, they don’t just play rock, metal and pop punk, Sugar Ape throw in the occasional bout of dubstep and hip hop.

The Mario Kart theme at Sugar Ape was awesome.  They also included a TV in the corner so you could play Mario Kart while listening to great music.  This was a nice touch and meant that when your feet started to hurt from dancing too much, you didn’t just have to sit down unoccupied in the corner.

Overall, Sugar Ape was a really fun night. The music was great, the drinks were well priced, complete with an enthralling atmosphere. It was also refreshing to go to a club night that played enjoyable music while also having a unique theme that gave the night an extra exciting twist. My sole complaint is that it’s only  occurs once a month.

The next Sugar Ape night is on the 3rd of June. Check out the Facebook event here

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