Saturday, 16 May 2015

Landmarks | Fighting Gravity Review

Manchester pop punks, Landmarks, have just released their brand new EP, Fighting Gravity, the follow up to their debut EP Running On Empty, which was released in 2013. Fighting Gravity contains five songs of zealous, up-beat  vigour, proving once again that UK pop punk is really making a statement at the moment. 

The first track, '40mg', is a lively, energetic opener. It soon becomes evident, after about twenty seconds, that Landmarks definitely know what they are doing when it comes to writing pop punk songs. The guitar parts are sprightly, the lyrics are sincere and it also possesses a rapid tempo. 

The EP then launches into 'Comfort In These Chords', which is brisk from the start. The chorus on this track is outstanding, with the unforgettable vocal melody complimenting the heavier guitar parts well. The latter half of this song is filled with unrestrained energy which instantly grips your attention.    
Up next is 'Worse For Wear', which is a vivacious song, complete with a buoyant vocal melody and dynamic guitar parts. 'Worse For Wear' then leads into 'Bones' which, despite being a slower song, provides an abundance of energy. It contains a sense of ardent emotion integrated with candid lyrics. Sometimes it can seem a little cliché to throw in a sad song on an EP, but Landmarks pull it off well. You can hear and feel the raw emotion obtruding throughout the song, especially with the vocals.   

The last song on the EP, 'Catapults', displays Landmarks's slightly heavier side. Although it starts softly, it quickly transforms into vehement, energetic song, hampered with alluring riffs.  

Overall, Fighting Gravity is an exceptional EP. It's packed with fun, vigorous songs, whilst also obtaining forthright, honest and mature lyrics. Even though the cover is grey, this EP will definitely not leave you feeling sorrowful. Landmarks have incorporated a classic pop punk sound whilst also putting their own spin on things; the heavier guitar riffs in some parts add a nice touch and the vocal parts are impressively catchy. If you're a fan of bands like Boston Manor and Six Time Champion, then Fighting Gravity is definitely something you should check out...

Fighting Gravity is out now! Check out the video for '40mg' below:

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