Sunday, 3 May 2015

Stereo Age | Half Of Us Review

Italian pop punks, Stereo Age, have just released their new EP, Half of Us. The EP combines 8 tracks of raw pop punk that will leave you captivated after the first listen. Each track incorporates the best elements of pop punk: a rapid pace, memorable lyrics and vibrant guitar tones. Half Of Us is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop punk while also incorporating newer styles and vocal melodies. 

The EP starts off with the title track, Half of Us, a minute long, piano induced opener that includes people conversing over the top. If you were to play Half Of Us on its own, separate from the rest of the EP, it would leave no suggestion that you were about to listen to an energetic pop punk EP. Nevertheless, it is an enticing and unique opener with both English and Italian parts. After ‘Half of us’ the EP launches in to Learn to Be Late, a resilient track with an incisive chorus. 

The EP has a number of enthralling riffs. For example, Stickers and Thanks For The Truth open with a striking set of engaging, energetic riffs that instantly leave you hooked. For this reason, Stickers and Thanks For The Truth obtrude as some of the stand out tracks. The riffs are complimented by impressive vocal melodies and vehement drum beats which make it impossible not to bounce your head. 

Round 12 is a dynamic song that provides the most harmonious chorus on the EP. After this Memorandum, a short-lived ,upbeat song comes into play which delivers a ferocious punch. 

Cigarettes, Skinned Knees and Everything In between and City Rain are the last two tracks on the EP. Cigarettes is a slower song, making it more emotive. On the other hand, City Rain is another song with a rapid pace. The tracks act as a vigorous contrast which bring the EP to a triumphant close.  

Overall, Half Of Us is an enchanting EP, filled with the kind of pop punk songs that need to be played out loud on a sunny day. Stereo Age’s energy is relentless and this, accompanied by the charming riffs and catchy, melodious vocal parts and swift pace, makes for a great EP and something we’ll definitely have on repeat. If you’re a fan of bands like New Found Glory, A Loss For Words or The Wonder Years, we definitely recommend that you check these guys out…

Half Of Us is out now! Check out Round 12:

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