Monday, 7 July 2014

Parker Cannon Defends Pop Punk

(Sorry about the English tabloid style headline, couldn't resist.) 

As you may have heard Parker Cannon (TSSF) got in a fight with a security guard during their show at the Vans Warped Tour after the security guard grabbed a crowd-surfing fan and threw them to the ground in an aggressive manner. Cannon then jumped from the stage to confront the security with his fists. Check out the incident here.

Tour founder Kevin Lyman (@kevinlyman) admitted on Twitter after the show that the security guard was a "bad egg" and stated that Cannon was "not wrong" for confronting the guard. 

After the incident the band resumed their set. Seemingly the incident did not ruin the show for them as they tweeted after the show: 

Was Parker Cannon right to confront the security guard in Montreal?
Yes! He shoulda knocked the brat out!
No! Cut the security guy some slack.
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