Thursday, 17 July 2014

Interview with Handguns

On the 8th July East Coast rockers Handguns released their new album Life Lessons on Pure Noise Records. We caught up with guitarist Brandon Pagano to find out about the new album and their relationship with the U.K. 
Hello Handguns! Thanks for doing this interview, let’s start by talking about you’re new album. How long has this record been in the making?
We wrote it over a year of touring and spastic off time from tour. It's kind of hard to judge how long it took to write.

Listening to the album we picked up on the way that the songs sounded like they were crafted to play live, what is your favourite song on the album to play live?
So far it's been Queens. That song has a different vibe than the rest of the songs on the record and I feel like it sounds pretty huge in a live setting.

You have chosen to release Life Lessons on vinyl, which is starting to see resurgence in popularity, what do you put this resurgence down to?
In an world where you can grab whatever record you want at the click of a mouse, people want something more than a plain CD. Vinyl makes things collectible with limited variants and such. The artwork looks nicer on a big LP gatefold as well.

What’s your favourite track from Life Lessons?
The Loved Ones Who Hate Us.

Do you have any funny or strange stories from recording the album?
There was a big window in one of the control rooms of our studio and the couple across the street would have sex a lot while we were around. They'd leave their windows open, so it made for some uncomfortable yet interesting moments during the recording process.

Do you prefer recording or playing live?
I like both for different reasons. Recording is more interesting to me because that's really the root of everything that happens afterwards.

What are your top five favourite pop punk albums?
Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
Boxcar Racer - Boxcar Racer
Daggermouth - Turf Wars
The Starting Line - Based on a True Story
Green Day - Nimrod

If you could tour with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
The Go-Go's.

You did your first UK tour last year with Senses Fail, what are your favourite things about playing in the UK?
You guys enjoy partying more than Americans do. Your scenery is absolutely beautiful as well.

Which town/city did you enjoy playing most?
Thekla in Bristol. Its a docked boat. I think that's dope.

How do the crowds in the UK differ to the crowds in the US?
Not by much. I feel like if you enjoy music, it doesn't really matter where you're from. We all enjoy it the same way.

Pop Punk is often affiliated with pizza, what are your favourite pizza toppings?Definitely meatball and sausage.

If US Pop Punk is associated with pizza, what food do you think UK Pop Punk should be associated with?
Lamb donners!!!

And finally, do you have any plans to tour Life Lessons in the UK soon? We’d all love you back!
We'll absolutely be seeing you in the near future. We couldn't forget you guys.

We can't wait to see Handguns when they return to the U.K. soon. 

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