Monday, 3 February 2014

Traditions, Cycles Review

Traditions, natives of Massachusetts,  are releasing their debut E.P, Cycles, next month. The pop punk four piece, who have only just released a 4 way split with Knockout Kid, No Tide and Fourth & Goal, are releasing their E.P on March 11th and have already released a preview of Progression, Regression over on Absolute Punk (Listen Here). 
Recorded at Zing Studios (A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive), MA, with Jim Fogarty (Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada), this E.P. is definitely something you should pick up next month. 

Opening Track Ten Days is a fervid, energetic start to the E.P. The song connotes a story of problematic relationships and the desire to circumvent. The lyrics display refined, relatable symbolism  that accustom a melodic, resonant chorus. The song alludes older pop punk, but at the same time brings a refreshing sound that Traditions have made their own. Also, the solo towards the end is a scintillating addition that brings the song to a successful conclusion.The Second Track Progression, Regression which was debuted on Absolute Punk, is a catchy addition to the E.P which has a melodious transgression from Ten Days. The energetic guitar riffs provide an vivacious extension to the E.P. The gang vocals in the song add a fun, up beat dynamic to the song. The third track Debt of a Son starts slowly only to progress into a powerful song that could provide a great sing along. This song also demonstrates vocalist Randy Burlingame's talent as he skips around the melody of the track. The next track Polarity becomes more fast paced and offers heavier riffs. The chorus is another stand out effort; it's memorable and hooks the listener. The Closing Track Eyes of a Man is an emotive, potent conclusion to the E.P. Burlingame's screams characterise the song and fill it with an affliction that entices the audience.

Overall, Cycles is a paramount effort for a debut E.P. It is evident that Traditions have put a remarkable amount of effort in to their work and is something they should be proud of. If you're a fan of older pop punk but would like a refreshing twist then Cycles is definitely something you should pick up when it's released next month...

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