Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour: What's in Store For Us?

After the news that the Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour is hitting the UK in November, we thought we'd look back to the 2011 run in the US to see what we have in store for us. After Chad Gilbert promised that they'd organise something for the UK two years ago, we're thinking it will definitely be worth the wait.

Pop Punk's Not Dead US Tour
The Pop Punk's Not Dead Tour was set up in the US to showcase bands within the pop punk genre that New Found Glory wanted to give more exposure to. The line up in 2011 consisted of Set Your Goals, This Time Next Year, Man Overboard and the Wonder Years and was, of course, headlined by New Found Glory. The band wanted to give younger bands the same recognition that they were given in the early part of their career when they were in the same position. Steve Klein (who's no longer part of the band) said of the tour in an interview with Absolute Punk: '“When we started out, Less Than Jake, Blink-182 and Green Day and bands like that took us on tour and they all helped us out. We’re just trying to pass it down. I feel with us, we’ve gone through all the crap you could go through as far as managers, labels, press people, whatever. We talk to the younger bands and try to give them advice on what is a good or bad way to go about things.”The US tour ran for nearly 2 months and played in 35 cities. 

Now, the tour's coming to the UK with probably the same objectives; to give more exposer to newer bands such as Candy Hearts (who Chad Gilbert works with closely) and Ireland's own Only Rivals. Check out the UK tour dates here

Watch Man Overboard's time on the PPND tour in 2011:

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