Monday, 16 September 2013

Game Changer: EP Review

Illinois pop punk band Game Changer recently released their EP Three Years. Packed with youthful energy, this is the kind of EP that will remind you of early pop punk bands such as The Ataris. The intro leads into an EP that is packed with vigorous emotion that will remind any listener of their adolescence. 
Tracks on the EP such as Moving On are perfect examples of the emotional fervor that encapsulate the EP. The track communicates loneliness and 'letting go', something that is relatable to any listener. The vocals seem to compliment this with their raw vehemence.
Things seem to become more elated on the title tack Three Years. The fast pace and catchy lyrics are the perfect blend of early pop punk but with a unique twist.
Overall the EP really is a reminder of youthfulness and adolescence; both in the sense of it's similarity with early pop punk and the truthful lyrics. Also at $2 ( £1.26) the is definitely worth downloading...

Three Years:

Listen/Download Three Years here

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