Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dear You Interview

After releasing the inspiring video for If Worries Were Weights, Dear You have really captured our attention. With Alt. Press likening them to Valencia and Hit the Lights and warning us not to 'sleep on it' we'd be fools not to check these guys out. Be sure to download their new EP 'Faith, Fear and Hope' coming later this year.   

1. How Did Dear You form? Louis and Chris started writing back in 2009, and mason joined in early 2011/late 2010. from there we just started piecing together what Dear You is today! 
2.Your Facebook page says that your influences range from 90’s rock to hardcore, out of all of your influences who has had the strongest impact on Dear YouIt really is very equal. We like to be very open with each other, there are no stigmas with anything each of us bring to a song. We let each other go nuts with creativity, so it comes from all directions and backgrounds. 
3.Where did the video idea for If Worries Were Weights come from and what inspired it? Mason had the idea when we were in the studio recording the song to put a video together for it, and he started suggesting trying to get fans to involve themselves in the final product. So we started thinking about what the song meant to us and what it could mean to others, and we started reaching out to people to send us words of inspiration. We kind of knew what the video would be, but we had no idea it was going to come out THAT great. The words of encouragement make the video, by far.
4.You’re currently advertising to do acoustic shows in your fan’s homes, are fans a crucial factor for Dear You? Fans are everything for us. As they should be with any band. We've got some CRAZY good support from our fans, we make ourselves accessible to them as people, because at the end of the day, they're just people. We all are. So there's no need to make that weird connection of awkwardness that sometimes ensues with bands and their fans. We are just open and available. And we look to our fans for everything, we are still trying very hard to grow what "Dear You" is, and we need all of our fans for that. We would never turn our back to these people
5.How and when did you learn to sing/play guitar/ bass and drums? Chris started playing guitar when he was 7, just picking it up and teaching himself. Mason started at guitar around the age of 10, he recently jumped into bass when he joined Dear You. Louis started really playing drums at the age of 12, where he and Chris had started various little bands together. There has been a strong connection between the guys even before Dear You was a thought
6. In August of 2013 you’re going on tour, is touring daunting or exciting and do you have any tour stories? Tour is exciting and daunting, scary and embracing ,all wrapped into one. For the most part, we just want to play some music for people, and this is going to be an amazing trip. Our go to story that probably scarred us the most, was our trailer opening on the highway. Nothing can prepare you for sheer terror like that. Haha
7.Would you ever tour the UK or anywhere else in Europe? Absolutely!! We've noticed a spike in interest towards Dear You in the UK as of lately. We would do anything to get out there and play some shows. Anywhere in Europe would be amazing. Same for the Philippines actually. We have a lot of fans there! 
8.Does anyone in the band have any weird habits? We all probably do...Honestly they all seem so normal now that I can't even decide what to point out. Watch videos of us or come hang out at a show. You'll probably pick up very quickly on all the weird habits, jokes, and quirks that we have individually and together. 
9. If you could have a superpower for a day what would it be? Louis would probably want to incur all of Spiderman's powers. I can comfortably say that I would like to be able to produce gourmet food as a super power. No idea where it would come from or how it would be made, i would just have the ability to make it appear. Mason would probably like the ability to speak to fish. He doesn't know that I'm answering this for him, so I doubt that's really what he wants. Too late, Mason, I made the decision for you! 

Dear You's Album is officially released on August 13th, but you can pick it up early here:


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