Thursday, 26 February 2015

Milestones | Equal Measures Review

Manchester pop punk/ alt. rock band Milestones are set to released their debut EP, ‘Equal Measures’, on the 6th of April. If you're a fan of upbeat, melodic alt. rock/ pop punk such as You Me At Six, Moose Blood etc., Equal Measures is definitely something you should be checking out this spring. Vocalist Matt Clarke had this to say about the new release: “One of our main aims in creating these songs was to make people turn away and think, “Okay, these guys are good, but I have no idea what their next release is going to be like. Whilst it’s obvious we’ve taken some massive influences from bands like Neck Deep and You Me At Six, but I don’t think we isolate our sound like a lot of the new pop-punk bands around at the moment might. We feel we’ve left so much room for growth in our sound. It’s not as easy to do that, but I hope people appreciate the diversity our record has, whilst still offering up the catchy hooks and melodic leads that pop punk and alternative rock are renowned for.” He definitely has a point, with each song meticulously crafted to find the right balance between upbeat pop punk melodies and alt. rock sentiment. 

The EP starts off with 'More To Me', which Milestones have already released a video for (watch it below). The song is the most upbeat from the EP with the pop punk influences transgressing through. However, varying styles and dynamics can be heard throughout with all the different parts weaving together to create a brilliant opening track. Next up comes the title track, 'Equal Measures', which begins as soft and haunting but builds up to a colossal effort filled with a heavy riff and atmospheric vocals.  

'Nothing Left', like 'Equal Measures', starts off slow and builds up. The chorus is one of the most powerful on the EP and is backed up by a selection of ardent and emotive guitar and drum parts. The acoustic section three-quarters of the way through is a nice touch and adds a divergent level within the song. 

'Counterweight' is the only acoustic song from the EP and Milestones have done a great job of it. It's simple yet effective with vocalist Matt Clarke's voice resonating across different notes in his range. The vocals plus the acceding guitar will undoubtedly make it a fan favourite. The closing track, 'Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed', is the heaviest song on the EP, with authoritative riffs and energetic lyrics. It sounds vigorous and fervent as the EP comes to a close and shows what a great statement Milestones have made with their debut EP.    

Overall, the Equal Measures is an awesome first effort from Milestones. They've really defined their style with this first release displaying their potential and talent across the whole of the EP. We can't wait to hear more releases from them in the future.  

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