Wednesday, 7 January 2015

ROAM Release New Song & Announce US Tour

ROAM have released a new song titled 'Over Your Head' which is from their upcoming EP 'Viewpoint'. Speaking to Rock Sound, guiatarist and vocalist Alex Adam stated:

"We were keen to release another song off ‘Viewpoint,’ so we thought we’d compile footage together of all the stuff we've done in the past year on the road and in the studio and make it into a video. ‘Over Your Head’ is really about the mindset where you feel like you have nothing, or your problems have got the best of you and it puts you into a kind of self destructive loop. It's about seeing past that because a lot of the time everything gets blown way out of proportion.”

News of the EP, which will be released on January 26th, came shortly after the band announced they had signed to Hopeless Records. The band have also announced they will be touring America on the Glamour Kills Tour in the spring, joining the likes of Set It Off, Against The Current and As It Is. For more info click here

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