Monday, 5 January 2015

JFK | You Deserve This

If you're a fan of super fast, aggressive pop punk akin to Broadway Calls or Masked Intruder, you have come to the right place as JFK, who hail from Liverpool, have jut released their debut EP, 'You Deserve This'. The EP is a combination of fast paced, high-spirited and honest punk rock which will leave you with this EP on repeat. 

The three piece, which is made up of Prez on guitar and vocals, Ellis on bass and vocals and Matt on drums, state that the EP is about 'girls, mistakes & growing up; with plenty of pop culture references thrown in along the way'. The band played a few shows in 2014 and are looking to move further afield in 2015 and with 'You Deserve This' under their belts, there would be no excuse not to. With a band whose influences include 'The Ataris, Dear Landlord and Osker to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtrack' it's no surprise that this EP contains an abundance of up-beat, ecstatic and accelerated songs complimented by contagious lyrics. Check out 'You Deserve This' above.   

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