Monday, 15 December 2014

The Movielife Reunite

Yes, you heard us correctly, The Movielife are reuniting and will be playing their first show in 2015. Today, Noisey released an exclusive article with the band in which they declared that they were reforming and will be playing their first show at the Irving Plaza next February. The band originally broke up in 2003 and got together for a brief reunion in 2011. However things are looking more hopeful this time with vocalist, Vinnie Caruana stating 'We’re not planning on doing anything but playing some shows, and when we’ve played those shows, maybe we’ll play some more. Brandon and I talk about playing music together all the time, and if nothing more, to keep the door open on this means we get to play together and we get to play with the other guys.' Even better, Caruana goes on to say ''I don’t think the UK would allow us to reunite and not come visit them. I think the hatred and frustration would implode the whole country, so we’re definitely going to come over there, I think'. Well holy shit,  this is one hell of an early Christmas present.
Read the full Noisey article here.

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