Thursday, 27 November 2014

Six Time Champion | Expecting Honesty Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the UK pop punk scene has somewhat exploded in the past few years. With Neck Deep, and recently ROAM, being signed to Hopeless records and As It Is being signed to Fearless, it would appear that pop punk is definitely back and stronger than ever. These bands have also paved the way for newer bands and it's awesome to see so many newer bands displaying their talents and building up a larger pop punks scene within the UK. One of these bands is Brighton's Six Time Champion who are about to released their new EP 'Expecting Honesty' on December 1st.

The EP starts off with Running Dry, one of the heavier songs from the EP. The song sets off Expecting Honesty with a fast tempo and catchy melody.  At times it almost mirrors Four Year Strong with guitar parts that chug along with an intense drum beat. The EP then leads on to Happiness is Emptiness and despite the pessimistic title, the song is a cheerful, upbeat and vibrant. Like Running Dry, it has a fast tempo and catchy melody. The song is a personal favourite and has elements of older pop punk while blending it in newer components.    

Up next is Expecting Honesty, the title track. The band have stated that the song is about ‘voicing a lack of tolerance for all the pointless dishonesty in life’ and that 'It pretty much sums up the entire theme of the E.P.’. The vocals on the track really do point to the theme of the E.P with them being vigorous and aggressive; enough to get the message across while being great to sing along to.

Dragging Feet is where the pace slows down. While it’s not as fast and intense as the other tracks, it still packs a powerful punch. It displays that Six Time Champion are able play around with the tempo of the songs without lacking an energetic sound. The closing track Separation picks up the pace again, with a return to the fast paced and authoritative drums and guitar. The chorus is resonant, and definitely one of the stand out ones from the E.P.

Overall, Six Time Champion’s new EP is an excellent showcase of everything that pop punk should be with fast paced, intense, drums, uplifting guitar parts, honest lyrics and melodic vocals. It's also pleasing to see another UK pop punk band doing a great job and  we can’t wait to hear more from these guys in the future.  

Stream the whole of Expecting Honesty here.

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