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The Works of Steve Klein and Chad Gilbert...

You know when you listen to an album and it’s really great? Well, we've come to the conclusion that some of our favourite albums have one common factor; they were produced by the offspring of one pop punk’s greatest asset's, New Found Glory. Even though Steve Klein recently parted ways with NFG (full story here), we thought we'd bring together a compilation of albums produced by Gilbert and Klein. Both have worked with a number of bands including Set your Goals, Fireworks, The Story So Far and Man Overboard to name a few. Obviously, the producers are the aren't the only factor that make an album great, you have the band themselves which is a pretty big one too but nevertheless we thought we'd bring to you our favourite albums produced by Chad and Steve.

Chad Gilbert:

1. This Time Next Year - Drop Out of Life
Absolute Punk said of Drop Out of Life 'Enlisting Chad Gilbert’s services was a good move in two ways. First off, it gained some attention for this record...Secondly, Gilbert absolutely kills it in the studio'. Unfortunately, This Time Next Year parted ways in 2012 but for anyone who's listened to the album will know how incredibly underrated it is. The band said of Gilbert in an interview with Property of Zack: "He is a really talented guy, especially when it comes to our genre". Gilbert's influences can be heard throughout the album especially with stand out tracks 'Get it, Got it, Good' and 'My Side of Town' which accolades New Found Glory.   
2.Fireworks - All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion 

All I Have to Offer is My Own Confusion (The title was taken from a quote by author Jack Kerouac) was recorded in 2008 and released the following year. Gilbert not only lends his production skills to the album but contributes to the backing vocals and plays additional guitar. Dave from Fireworks said of Chad: Well first of all,[AIHTOIMOC] was created with Chad Gilbert, and that was really cool because we’d never had a producer or anything like that before. It was something new to us and it was a cool, collaborative process working with Chad'. 

3.Set Your Goals - Only Right Now and I'll Walk it Off

Gilbert recently recorded two songs with Set Your Goals which were only released digitally. Gilbert also performs vocals on Set Your Goals's song Our Ethos from their album This Will Be the Death of Us. The band's next album which will be released in 2014 is also being produced by Gilbert. 

4. A Day to Remember - What Separates Me From You

If you want to see Chad Gilbert in the studio with A Day to Remember please click here. Homesick, ADTR's previous album was also produced by Gilbert. More recently, Gilbert has also produced A Day to Remember's latest release Common Courtesy. 

5.Candy Hearts - The Best Ways to Disappear

This EP was released on Gilbert's own record label Violently Happy/Bridge 9 Records. In an interview with Alter the Press, Gilbert stated that the first time he heard Candy Hearts was when his band mate Steve was listening to Tongue Tied. He had this to say about the band: "I think what I love about the band is that, I feel like the punk rock/emo scene is filled with singers that sound very similar. They go for that one sound. When I heard Mariel’s voice, I was like, “Finally a singer that doesn’t stick to this formula.” She’s got her own sound and a unique sound". Gilbert's aim in producing the EP was to get Candy Hearts closer to their 'potential' as a band, tour and be promoted to reach as many people as possible.

Steve Klein:

1. Man Overboard - Self Titled

Man Overboard delivered Klein with his first producing gig which resulted in their self titled record. In an interview with Property of Zack Klein explains how he swapped numbers with Zac and ended up going producing for them. In the interview he stated: "It just came together with Man Overboard; Zac and I started talking and then the band stayed at my house and we vibed on the ideas. I told them that I wanted to get into producing and it was cool that they gave me my first gig. I’m really excited about how it came out"  

2. The Story So Far - What You Don't See

The Band's name came from the track The Story So Far from New Found Glory's album Sticks and Stones so it was inevitable that the TSSF/ Steve Klein mix would work in everyone's favour. Kelen Cappener stated in an interview with Alternative PressYeah, he came in to see what we were working on and gave us some pointers without hurting our integrity or trying to take over the creative process. He’s just an extra set of ears on the outside so he can advise us in certain ways. He has experience we don’t have, so it’s a good element in the process, as far as developing these songs.

3.State Champs The Finer Things
Albany natives State Champs started work on The Finer Things in a practice room at home in New York. Eventually the album was recorded with Steve Klein and Sam Pura at the Panda Studios in Fremont California. Tyler Szalkowski commented: 
“Working with Steve Klein and Sam Pura was amazing because they both have so much experience under their belts, they helped us make the best record we could possibly make.”

Credit to Alternative Press, Property of Zack,Alter the Press and Absolute Punk. 

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