Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Where There's Life | EP Review

Edinburgh’s Where There’s Life have just released their new self-titled EP, which combines pop punk with heavier fragments, similar to the likes of Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember. The EP contains 5 relentless tracks which get the balance between heaviness and pop punk just right 

First of all, the EP launches into Wasted. Although the song is just over a minute long, it sets the EP off at the right pace with upbeat, melodic vocals and bold riffs.  

Up next is Lego which opens with a punchy riff. The song is vivacious and parades an abundance of energy, aided by an unforgettable chorus. The song also holds an impressive breakdown three quarters of the way through unleashing the bands heavier pop punk side.

The third track is Where We Go. The introduction is bouncy with an impressive vocal melody that immediately grasps your attention. The song is buoyant and uplifting, exhibiting a profusion of energy. The gang vocals towards serve the band well, creating a perfect excuse to sing along.

Twenty Three displays Where There’s Life’s more fervent side and they pull it off well. From just listening to this track, it would be hard to guess that the previous three tracks were cheery pop punk anthems. The song displays impassioned lyrics and coincides with vehement vocals.

Anchors returns Where There’s Life to more their chilled side. The song has a poppy chorus complimented by amiable riffs. The song is straightforward but enticing, harbouring a crisp riff just as it ends, prompting you to hit replay.  

Overall, Where There’s Life have put together an impressive EP, especially considering it was recorded in their guitarist's bedroom without external help. The juxtaposition of the soft vocals and the heavy guitar parts are a nice touch and although it’s nothing new, Where There’s Life have made it their own and have done an incredible job of it. The lyrics denote youthful themes but at no point are they futile or credulous, displaying a mature flare. If you’re a fan of Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember or Me vs Hero, definitely give these guys a listen. 

Check out the EP below:

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