Wednesday, 8 October 2014

New Found Glory Resurrection Review

If there's one way to get over the departure of one of your band mates after having a solid line up for all of your carer, writing a freaking awesome album like Resurrection is definitely one. In fact, it's safe to say that New Found Glory might be coming back stronger than ever, proving that being a four piece is going to work just as well, if not better. For a band who have been doing the pop punk thing since 1997, it's remarkable that NFG are still able to rehabilitate their sound into something new without drifting too far from their trademark mix of pop punk with the occasional easycore riff and an abundance of catchy choruses. 

The album starts with Selfless, one of the first songs which was released prior to the release date. The song starts with a riff that immediately lets you know that picking up the album was a good life decision. Two thirds of the way through, the tempo picks up and it's the kind moment that gives you chills while simultaneously making you want to high-five all of NFG for making such an awesome song. The album then moves on to Resurrection which has a riff you would kill to listen to live. It's also  the most reminiscent of older pop punk, the place where NFG thrived and something they still manage to pull off to this day.

Another stand out track is Ready and Willing, one of the catchiest songs from Resurrection. While it could class as a not so heavy track, one more reminiscent of Radiosurgery, it is still includes a signature Chad Gilbert riff and also has the presence of gang vocals which provide a perfect opportunity to sing along. Next up is One More Round which feels like it was destined to be played live. Vicious Love is track number six and a love song with a difference. While Jordan sings 'We've got a Vicious Love, we mix our tears with blood' he's accompanied by another of Chad's amazing riffs. Other stand out songs include: Persistent, Stories of a Different Kind, Degenerate, Stubborn and Living Hell. All include the fast paced drums, the memorable choruses that embed themselves in your head all day and the incomparable riffs that have just the right amount of pop punk and heaviness weaved into them 

All in all, New Found Glory's Resurrection is something that any pop punk fan should add to their collection. Like most pop punk it's honest, vivacious and something that you kill to hear live. The most impressive thing about New Found Glory is that with each new album they have been able to reinvent themselves without straying from their signature take on the pop punk genre and Resurrection is no exception. With this album, NFG have added heavier influences with the use of intricate riffs which add a distinctive dynamic. It's also obvious that a lot of time and effort has been put in it and it's refreshing to see a band who are still passionate and love what they do even after 17 years....

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