Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Real Friends Explain the Concept Behind Album Artwork

Last night, Real Friends took to Facebook and explained the concept behind Maybe This Place Is The Same and We're Just Changing's artwork. It turns out that it actually has a really relevant meaning in relation to the album. Read the what they had to say below:

'Ever since we started this band I always wanted our fans to understand every aspect of it. We want you to understand our lyrics, our music, our motivations, and even our album art work. There are so many records that I hold close to my heart and I have no idea what the songs are about. Most of those records I have no idea what the significance of the album art is either.

I am writing this because I want to tell you the meaning behind the art work from 'Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing.' As a listener of this band you deserve to know.

The album art on all of our releases have always been pictures. We do this because we feel like it defines us. We are just five normal dudes that play music. We have never wanted to give off a flashy look or anything. So we felt it was fitting to keep the picture theme going for the art work of our newest album. All of the past releases have had washed out looking pictures. For this one we wanted to go with a cleaner look. We also shot the picture with film to give it a more natural look.

The chest that all the objects are on is a sign of the past. It signifies still having old memories. I guess kind of like still holding onto them instead of letting them go. The picture frame and car keys carry over imagery that's used in the lyrics of the album. There are multiple times the album talks about driving and pictures. The small army men on the chest are a sign of fighting. More so fighting inside your head with your past, change, and growing older. They are also a sign of youth.

The most important part of the album work is the old rusted out bird bath. The most interesting part of it is that one of the bird is all rusted out and the other is still very white. The bird bath was sitting outside in backyard for quite some time. It's pretty interesting that over the years one bird stayed so white and the other became so old looking. I feel like it was a great sign to show the most important theme of the album, change. You can take it however you want to take it really. But for me it shows that at times we feel so new and at other times we feel so rusted out. It really shows that over time we can get so beaten down. But it's nice to know that when we feel that way the less worn out version of us is still there too. It's easy for us to forget that in life.

I hope when you look at the album art you see a little more meaning to it now. Thanks for reading'.

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