Monday, 11 February 2013

Interview With Destins Tide

DESTINS TIDE are band from North Carolina. The band is made up of five members: Rob-Vocals, Lucas-Lead Guitar, Brantley-Drums, Brian-Guitar and Mitch-Bass. They have been surrounded by a variety of different genres from big label acts to local, some of the bands they have played with include: Framing Hanley, The Rocket Summer, Divided by Friday and With the Punches. They've been featured in the un-signed section of AMP Magazine and their clothing sponsors include Capitl Clothing and Made by Bitter clothing. 

1. How did you form the band?
Honestly it's not the most epic story ever but Lucas called me, Rob, up and pretty much was like "Hey you want to start a band up?" and I was like "SURE!" haha. For about week it was just me and him coming up with ideas on guitar and trying to figure out what we wanted to do.
Probably about a week later Lucas told me he knew a guy, Brantley, who was a really good drummer. So we asked Brantley to come over and see what he thought. He liked what we were trying to do and we really liked the way he played drums so he came aboard. Us three played for about 5 months with me just playing guitar because I was determined not to sing. But one day Lucas looked at me and said (I kid you not) "Rob, your the only one we know that can sing sooo we think you should sing. Oh and you cant say no." From then on I became the singer.
After that we were still missing bass and another guitar. I brought up that I knew a couple of kids (Brian and Mitch) who asked me to sing for their band, before I started with Lucas and Brantley. So I called them and they came down for a practice and they really liked what we were doing. So they joined in with us and it was history from there. 

2. What are your top five favourite pop punk albums?
Honestly I cant speak for everyone about their specific albums they like but I do know that all of us love Blink 182, Sum 41, A Day To Remember, Veara and Me VS Hero.

3. What are your aims as a band?
As a band honestly we want to expose our music to as many people as we can. Whether it be through the internet or at a show, we are determined to get our name out there. When a kid writes you an email and says that the song you wrote helped them out through tough times or when a kid comes up to you at a show and is asking to take a picture with you after your set it's probably one of the coolest feelings ever. Because honestly when you write a song in a basement like we do, we dont know whether people are going to love it or hate it. So its very rewarding when kids have awesome things to say.
4. Who does most of the song writing?
It's a collective group task when we write a song. Usually Lucas will come up with an idea and bring it to us at practice and from there we all put in the effort to piece out the song. After all the pieces are put in place me and Brian will sit down and write lyrics.

5. What inspires you?

Anything really inspires us, from bands we grew up with, to life events. I know when it comes to lyrics that I try to write about situations that kids that listen to us could relate to.

6. How did the show with With The Punches come about?
Well we got that show through an event company called "Progressive Music Group." We have worked with them with a lot with our past shows and they are honestly the nicest guys to work with when you're a local band like us. They have given us a chance to play with a lot of great bands.
 *If you're in the Carolina's be sure to check out their shows at

7. Do you have any funny band stories?
Well we used to practice in Lucas' basement and his mom had a couple of cats that liked to pee on literally almost all of our gig bags and what not. Well if they decided to choose our gig bags we would throw out the gig bag and just go buy another one instead of having a gig bag that smelled like total piss. Well, everyone follows this rule except Mitch. One of the cats chose Mitch's bass bag and of course it smelled horrible. But instead of throwing it out like everyone else he decided to still use it. To this day he still uses that bag and yes it still smells like total cat piss.

8. How did you come up with the band name?
Well I was doing a acoustic solo act called Destins Tide. But once me, Lucas, and Brantley started we couldn't come up with a name that we all liked. So Lucas was like "Let's just use Destins Tide." So we did.

9. Would you say you all get along well?
We act like brothers from another mother. We laugh and we fight but mostly we all get along. Of course there is going to be ups and downs but when you get together a group of guys that are passionate about music it's going to happen.

10. What is your favourite thing about being in a band?
Probably the best thing about being in a band is playing the music that you wrote in front of people who have probably never heard of your band before, and by the end of the set winning them over. Its an awesome feeling.


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