Monday, 16 December 2013

Old Friends, Loose Ends Review

Looking at this EP you might get the impression that Six Time Champion's EP is something completely different altogether. A scene from a country road does not denote the sound of this EP whatsoever. Six Time Champion's new release Old Friends, Loose Ends is a mixture of heavy guitar and catchy vocals;  kind of like Four Year Strong and the Story So Far in a blender...yes it is that awesome. Listening to it, you will question if it's possible to make a debut EP this good. 

The opening song Cheek to Cheek is undoubtedly the stand out song from the EP which holds a killer melody and chorus with the song's lyrics being honest and authentic. 

Next up is Can I Blame Someone Else Now? which has everything you could ask for in a song: outstanding riffs, fast paced drumming and relatable lyrics.  

The EP slows down with the title track Old Friends, Loose Ends which demonstrates the  vocal ability within the band. Making sure the song doesn't become to poppy, the end of the song is filled with heartfelt gang vocals. Once again the lyrics are sincere and ingenuous. 

Overall the EP is brilliant and it's this which in a way is surprising for a debut EP; it's definitely worth a listen.   

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